Professor Reva Bivens is just as busy off-campus as she is on campus. 

She recently attended a three-day meeting in Vienna, Austria, on “Optimal Entry Points for Safe Technology in the Provision of Essential Services”. The meeting, hosted by UN Women, convened a panel of international experts to explore existing and potential safe technology applications and tools, assessing and evaluating their deployment, and discussing challenges and opportunities with a view to integrating safe technology into the essential services package.

Professor Bivens was one of the selected speakers from around the world, and she shared her expertise about the appropriate use of technologies in the prevention of gender-based violence, in the provision of health and social services, and in the response by policy makers and the justice system. 

“We listened to presentations by many experts from different settings across the world and I was one of the presenters. I was invited because of an article I wrote with Amy Hasinoff at UC Denver on 215 apps designed to prevent sexual violence.” 

Professor Bivens took part in several break-out sessions to come up with guidelines and best practices that will inform a report UN Women is putting together to distribute to nation states and relevant international organizations. 

Professor Bivens described the meeting as a valuable experience and said “It was both exciting and enriching to learn from country-specific contexts to frame a broader understanding about how technologies are being used on a global scale to respond to gender-based violence.” 

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