Media Production and Design professor Vicky McArthur recently received a $61,360 SSHRC Insight Development Grant to develop augmented reality (AR) applications to support Japanese language education. AR is an interactive experience in a real-world environment which involves “augmenting” physical spaces or objects with computer-generated information. McArthur’s research investigates frameworks or “best practices” to support effective language learning via AR technologies.

Supported by internal seed funding at Carleton, McArthur was able to implement a simplified version of the first prototype application (limited in functionality) and present it at the Replaying Japan conference in Kyoto, Japan last summer. The application received positive feedback from the research community and was invited to be included in the second volume of the Replaying Japan journal in 2020.

McArthur notes that the project was inspired both by her own lifelong study of the Japanese language as well as her interest in AR as a new form of representation. “We hypothesize that effective pedagogy through augmented and immersive technologies represents the next logical step in education as the discipline continues to evolve in an increasingly digital society.”

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