Stéfy McKnight is joining the School of Journalism and Communication in July as a tenure-track assistant professor with the School’s Bachelor of Media Production and Design program, where much of her teaching will focus on our students in the upper years of the program.

She is currently completing a Ph.D in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University in Kingston. Her current SSHRC-funded doctoral project – Colder Now: Surveillance as Contemporary Colonialism in Canada – uses artistic methods to demonstrate how surveillance is constructed to produce and maintain white-settler and western ideas of governing and being. More specifically, how surveillance and policing is not simply an event, but a state of being and existing in society. Stéfy is planning to defend her dissertation in early Fall 2020.

Her scholarly work takes the form of performance, multi-media interventions, online curatorial projects, 3D printing, installation, and experimental video and photography. Her SSHRC funded MA project Organic Surveillance: Security & Myth in the Rural ( – revealed the ways that landowners in North Ontario use hidden cameras and surveillance technologies to protect their properties from human and non-human animal interlopers.

Stéfy is a member of the Q4F collective with Michelle Smith and co-founded Potpourri: art gallery at Queen’s University. She also works collaboratively with colleague Dr. Julia Chan on the project Cam Hunters, a satirical performance that exposes the use of surveillance cameras and voyeurism in Airbnbs internationally.

Stéfy has taught undergraduate courses at both Queen’s University and Lakehead University in Orillia. Teaching students new technologies and creative methodologies is her passion.

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