Prof. Nana aba Duncan’s podcast production company Media Girlfriends has launched Humans of the House, a new six-part podcast series with the Samara Centre for Democracy. “It’s politics, unfiltered,” Garvia Bailey, Media Girlfriends co-founder said.

The series weaves together interviews from 12 former Members of Parliament who left office between 2015 and 2021. Drawn from all major political parties, these former MPs share behind the scenes details and break down the highs and lows of public office to identify improvements for how Parliament works. 

The podcast is hosted by Sabreena Delhon, executive director of the Samara Centre for Democracy. “The stories in Humans of the House are honest and complex. But what’s inspiring is the hope in these stories. None of our guests regret devoting years to public service and they share their stories to bring awareness to their challenges and to evolve life in parliament,” she said. In Humans of the House you will hear MPs as you have never heard them before. Because they are no longer in that role, the ‘exit interview’ approach allows them to share what is truly on their minds. Their stories are woven together in a six-part series that explores an MPs path to politics, why they left, and what it cost them to serve their communities.

Humans of the House features stories from these former MPs:

● Hon. Scott Brison, Progressive Conservative, Kings-Hants (1997-2003); Liberal, Kings-Hants (2003-2019)

● Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Liberal, Whitby (2015-2019); Independent, Whitby (2019)

● James Cumming, Conservative, Edmonton Centre (2019-2021)

● Matt DeCourcey, Liberal, Fredericton (2015-2019)

● Cheryl Hardcastle, NDP, Windsor-Tecumseh (2015-2019)

● Hon. Peter Kent, Conservative, Thornhill (2008-2021)

● Hon. Catherine McKenna, Liberal, Ottawa Centre (2015-2021)

● Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Liberal, Winnipeg Centre (2015-2019)

● Hon. Lisa Raitt, Conservative, Milton (2008-2019)

● Romeo Saganash, NDP, Abitibi-Baie James-Nunavik-Eeyou (2011-2019) ● Kennedy Stewart, NDP, Burnaby South(2011-2018)

● Adam Vaughan, Liberal, Spadina-Fort York (2014-2021)

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