Media shape your world. It's time for you to shape the media.

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With a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (B.CoMS) from Carleton University.

Our world is complicated

With more media outlets than ever before and misinformation swirling around us, it’s essential to develop a discerning eye. The B.CoMS program will give you the tools you need to cut through the clutter. As you build a solid academic foundation, you will learn to recognize, analyze and respond to ongoing patterns and transformations in the media and communications environment.

The B.CoMS will prepare you for the challenges
of today and in the future

Challenge Convention

We cannot be complacent. As the world changes around us, we need to adapt so that we can build a better future. Our program teaches you how to think critically about the status quo in order to avoid the mistakes of the past.  You will leave the B.CoMS program with the communication and leadership skills needed for the communities where you live and work.

Effect Change

Social justice and inequity are the burning issues of our time. You will find these concerns spread across our curriculum. Our program creates opportunities for students to engage in community-based research and advocacy, and some students get the chance to develop their own research skills by working on faculty projects.

Connect with Community

Build community and lifelong friendships and connections. From collaborative group projects to social events, you will find that the B.CoMS program offers a supportive and inclusive environment where you will get to know your classmates and professors. Tap into professional, personal, and civic relationships that span the capital region and beyond. Join our extensive global B.CoMS community after you graduate to continue growing ties with fellow alumni.

Be Career Ready

Our flexible degree allows you to pursue a variety of career paths, in government, the not-for-profit sector, the private sector, health care, education and more. Tailor coursework to your interests while learning foundations in communication and media theory and research so that you can easily transfer your knowledge and skills to professional settings. Our workshop courses teach practical, hands-on skills, and eligible students may combine their studies with paid employment through a co-op placement.

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Note: Carleton University’s deadline to apply to the B.CoMS program is June 1 for fall entry.


Kristal Mae Puguan

Honours Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Co-op)

Digital Communications Advisor

Health Canada, Communication and Public Affairs Branch

“I am a fourth year student currently in my last co-op term with Health Canada. The skills I learned in the B.CoMS program, such as strategic communication, media analysis, problem-solving and time management, have prepared me for success in the workplace. As a co-op student, I’ve been able to combine academic knowledge with hands-on experience and am motivated to pursue my goals and succeed as a communication professional.”

B.CoMS (Hons.) 2020

Erin Bender Kerbel

Honours Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies (class of 2020)

Strategic Communications Advisor

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

“Throughout my time studying at Carleton, I was met with ample opportunities for career development. With Carleton’s proximity to the Federal government and supportive teaching staff, transitioning from the B.CoMS program to full-time employment as a strategic communications advisor with the government has been a seamless and gratifying experience. Whether I’m writing speeches, drafting news releases, creating social media plans, or planning events, I find myself continuously drawing on the wealth of skills I acquired through this program.”

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