Fact-Checking Guide

The FJI is currently collaborating with The Walrus on the creation of a guide to improve fact-checking education in journalism. The project is being spearheaded by 2021/2022 FJI journalists-in-residence Allison Baker and Viviane Fairbank. Housed in the School of Journalism and Communication, Baker and Fairbank will lead The Truth in Journalism Project, which aims to create a free and accessible curriculum for fact-checking education, hosted digitally by Carleton University. Their work is funded by the Michener-L. Richard O’Hagan Fellowship for Journalism Education and will be done in partnership with FJI and The Walrus.

Read more about their project here.

They Were Loved — Obituary Project

They Were Loved — Obituary Project

As has been reported by CBC Radio, J-Source and Carleton’s own newsroom, this project was spearheaded by the FJI, Maclean’s magazine and J-Schools Canada and funded with the generous support of the Giustra Foundation.

Click Here to go directly to the obituary project’s homepage at Maclean’s magazine. More than 500 students from across the country have collaborated on the project resulting in more than 500 obituaries, making this the largest collection of obituaries for the Canadian victims of COVID-19.