A Message from the Director

“I want to be close to the community which I live in and I want to write about it.”

“Untold stories are what excite me most about journalism.”

“The only profession that I have ever seriously thought of pursuing is Journalism.”

This is what you said fueled you, back in the winter term of your first year.

You are now veterans of our program – talented graduates who have joined the urgent conversation about journalism and its crucial, messy, shifting role in our world today.

I hope you will always be driven by a passion for truth and a love of words, and inspired by the people you write about.

On behalf of our Journalism School’s instructors and staff, thank you for the time you spent with us. We will be watching out for you.

Susan Harada
Director (Int) – School of Journalism and Communication
Program Head – Journalism

Congratulations to our Master of Journalism Class of 2020!

David Lochead

Masters Research Project: No More Water (Multimedia)


“What’s perceived as talent is actually work ethic.” – David Lochead

Sara Wicks

Masters Research Project: Women in soccer: How elite women soccer players in Canada are leaving the country to pursue their professional careers

Maan Alhmidi

Masters Research Project: Fighting the alienation: How the Syrian refugees are integrating into the Canadian society

Michael Smith

Masters Research Project: Mushroom Medicine: The fall of anti-depressants in Canada and the newly emerging treatment path

“My favourite class at Carleton was the Freelancing course I took in my final year. It taught me the skills and gave me the confidence to pitch and sell my own stories.” – Michael Smith

Menaka Raman-Wilms

Masters Research Project: Welcome to Berlin 


Georgia Andromidas

Masters Research Project: Gentrification in Canada: The ability for social and class inclusion

“Don’t be afraid to ask for that interview!” – Georgia Andromidas

Qais Azimy

Masters Research Project: Women’s rights in Afghanistan and peace talks

Matthew Guida

Masters Research Project: The Future of Canadian Journalism: The New Age of Digital Media Innovation and Sustainability

“My favourite moments in J-School include the moments when I spent studying and interacting with my peers, as well as the times I spent working at the Reader’s Digest Resource Centre.” – Matthew Guida

Dexter McMillan

Masters Research Project: Supporting renewables on the ashes of our fossil fuel economy: How North America is using job policies like the Green New Deal to fuel a transition to renewable energy

Ben Barak

Masters Research Project: Surfing the Wave: How the mindfulness in schools movement stresses the need for an integrated approach to well-being in education