Photo of Kayla Holmes

Kayla Holmes

Degrees:B.A. International Development Studies (McGill)


Having never lived anywhere for longer than four years at a time, Kayla found her passion in travelling and learning about her surroundings. She followed this passion into a BA in International Development at McGill University, where she learned a great deal about the world and the challenges it faces. Over this period, she spent her summers working in a variety of jobs for the government, the most recent being for the environment team at Global Affairs Canada. In trying to find her place in this daunting landscape (and in writing for two of McGill’s wonderful student-run papers), Kayla realized her true passion lay in storytelling. She hopes to take what she learns in the Master of Journalism program to shed light on stories and people who are often ignored.

When she isn’t talking about her passion for travel and writing, Kayla can be found staring longingly at books she can’t afford, convincing her friends to play board games for hours on end, and walking ridiculous distances because she’s too proud to learn to drive.