Photo of Erika Ibrahim

Erika Ibrahim

Degrees:B. Social Science (University of Ottawa), M.A. Gender Studies (Queens)


Erika graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Political Science and Communication. Following her interests in systems of social power as they intersect with media and popular culture, she completed her Master of Arts in Gender Studies at Queen’s University. Her thesis integrated an interdisciplinary approach to critically analyze the role of race, gender and sexuality in independent music journalism coverage. She has worked with campus community radio station CFRC, both as a volunteer news reporter and developing her own programming as a show runner.

Her advocacy work in fields related to social oppression and exploitation, gender and sexual diversity, and sexual health further developed Erika’s passion to consider the social and political forces that have and continue to shape our collective present. She looks forward to combining her analytical perspective with the practical skills and technical training in journalism.