Photo of Hue Pham

Hue Pham

Degrees:B.A. Political Science (Univeristy of Toronto), Journalism Diploma (Humber CAAT)


Culturally Vietnamese, Hue was born in Hong Kong where her family lived in a refugee camp after The Vietnam War with America. Sponsored by a church in Canada, she was raised in Toronto and grew up with the lingering effects of political dysfunction, compelling her to study political science at The University of Toronto. Receiving her B.A. with a specialist in Political Science, she realized studying the problem wasn’t the solution. She discovered the solution was journalism: the counterbalance to corruption and dysfunction.

Attending Humber College for their postgraduate journalism program, she left to pursue a job as a freelance journalist with a local newspaper and shortly after became a radio program coordinator for a local community radio station. At these two jobs, she learned how to work under tight deadlines and to find her voice. Having successfully completed her contracts, she decided to deepen her practice in journalism by pursuing a masters and applied to Carleton.

Her interests include traveling to broaden her understanding of the world, reading, writing, biking, eating, and spirituality.