Photo of Emilie Warren

Emilie Warren

Degrees:B.A. International Relations (University of British Columbia)


Émilie holds a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia. Her undergraduate research focused on international security, human rights, and humanitarian aid in complex emergencies. Émilie had the opportunity to work in Rwanda with the Micronutrient Project and UNICEF, and in Ecuador as an English teacher. Travelling to rural communities, she met local families that taught her unique stories on the Rwandan genocide and on social issues in South America. This further consolidated her interest in international affairs.

After graduating, Emilie worked at Global Affairs Canada as a Contract Officer, and later on as a Project and Communications Coordinator. In this role, she was responsible for a bi-monthly internal newsletter on the transformation of the Trade Commissioner Service. While working for Global Affairs Canada, Emilie was confronted with public misinformation on international affairs, a problem especially significant in this era of “fake news” and growing populism. This motivated her to join the Policy Talks Podcast as a researcher, where she had the opportunity to co-develop a podcast on urban violence in Brazil and its role in the election of Jair Bolsonaro, and to write an article on the ELN in Colombia and its ties to Maduro’s regime in Venezuela.

Emilie is incredibly excited to start her Master’s program in Journalism at Carleton, and wants to specialize in global journalism. She hopes that her future work will contribute to reducing the gap of knowledge of international issues in Canada and inspire public engagement on foreign issues.