Photo of Cardin, Melodie

Melodie Cardin

PhD Student/Instructor


Melodie Cardin is a PhD Candidate in Communication Studies at Carleton. Her research focuses on women’s health, motherhood, biopolitics, and discourses surrounding disability. She is currently working on her dissertation, titled “‘As long as it’s healthy: Prenatal health, disability and biopower.” She is also teaching “Communication, Culture and Identity,” a course in which students consider the social construction of aspects of identity such as gender, race, dis/ability, class, and many others. Melodie also has an M.A. in Communication and Social Justice from the University of Windsor, where her research focused on the incorporation of midwifery into the Ontario hospital system, and she has a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton.

Interests: women’s health; prenatal health; biopower; critical disability studies