Photo of Chazan, Hayley

Hayley Chazan


B.A. Economics, McGill University

Hayley developed a keen interest in economics while learning about the 2008 recession in CEGEP at John Abbott College in Montreal.  Her passion for journalism stems from her desire to write about economic policy issues, which in her experience are commonly misunderstood by the public and the media.  While studying at McGill, Hayley completed a summer study abroad at the London School of Economics where she furthered her knowledge in the fields of public finance and the economics of European integration.  Upon graduating from McGill last May, Hayley moved to Ottawa where she has been working as a political staffer for the Minister of Transport for the past year.

Masters Research Project

Shockingly few standards for an important subfield of psychiatry in Canada: The impacts of impending national guidelines on the delivery of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)