Photo of Chelsea Robert

Chelsea Robert

Degrees:B. of Journalism (Carleton University)


Chelsea is returning to do her Master of Journalism after graduating from Carleton’s Undergraduate Journalism program last spring. This time around she will be writing a thesis on how globalization impacts the practice of journalism. In her undergrad Chelsea took interest in Anthropology and English.

During her four years, with Carleton’s SEO, she embarked on two humanitarian initiatives in South America. Her first trip was to Guatemala, to build a sports court at an elementary school, and the latter was to Ecuador’s Amazonian Rainforest, starting the construction of a clean water project. These trips sparked Chelsea’s passion for storytelling abroad and writing long-form stories that cover social justice issues, sports, international development, and human-interest stories.

Chelsea gets her creative juices flowing by hiking, shooting hoops or doing yoga. In her spare time, you can either find Chelsea curled up beside her dog sipping a latte, re-watching her favourite Audrey Hepburn films, working on her novel, or planning her next trip. (PS. she hopes she can travel again soon.)