Photo of Cindy Tran

Cindy Tran

Degrees:BA in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature (University of Western Ontario)


Born in a small-town of 16000 just outside of Ottawa, ON, a large part of Cindy Tran’s life has been spent navigating a world where minorities are looked down upon which has pushed her towards her career path today. As one of the few people of colour in her high school, stereotypes and racial slurs were something she unfortunately was no stranger to and only added to her desire to go above these barriers. She graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature in 2020 from the University of Western Ontario.

During her time at Western, she was inspired by one of her Writing Professors who pushed the importance of storytelling and the immediate impact it made on society. Paired with this, she joined HerCampus Western, an online publication by women for everyone, where she realized how much she enjoyed lifestyle writing and the ability to freely write as she pleased regardless of the subject. She has yet to decided which type of journalism is her favourite, but so far, lifestyle and opinions are neck and neck.

When she isn’t planning how and when she can skip school to travel and write you can find her just 5 minutes shy of missing her 8:30 class.