Photo of Egitman, Eren

Eren Egitman

MA Student


Eren (he/him) is very passionate about improving the well-being of those around him and he believes the best way to actively work towards this improvement is by leveraging data. Data can give insights into the current social perceptions surrounding any phenomenon and empower individuals to act on these problems accordingly.

Eren graduated from Carleton University in 2022 with distinction from the Honours of Communication and Media Studies program with a minor in Sociology and the coop option. He has professional work experience in both the federal public service and private companies and has been employed with Statistics Canada since the fall of 2020. He can efficiently work with SPSS Statistics, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Excel, Gephi, and many other data analysis programs.

Eren is interested in collecting public opinion research data to analyze key social trends within society. Specifically, he wants to learn about how exposure to dominant ideologies circulating on digital platforms may affect clustered networks. Generally speaking, his research interests include data science, algorithmic culture, data analysis, digital networks, and how these topics are communicated with and understood by the public. 

In his spare time, Eren likes to stay active. He plays tennis and basketball, goes rock climbing, and enjoys hiking.