Photo of Endemann, Erica

Erica Endemann


My name is Erica Endemann.  I was born and raised in Ottawa.  I graduated last winter from the University of Ottawa with an Honours in English literature.  During my undergraduate degree I rowed varsity for the university’s team, which allowed me to travel around Ontario, participating in competitions with other Canadian universities.  In addition I wrote for the University of Ottawa’s school newspaper, The Fulcrum.  This was an opportunity for me to discover that what had attracted me to English literature is also what attracts me to journalism.  Literature is an example of how the public can be engaged and persuaded by the power of the written word, on topics ranging from politics to human rights throughout history.  The ability to analyze in-depth and investigate world issues, is further demonstrated through the art of journalistic writing.  I was able to get a taste of this through volunteering at The Fulcrum, and I am very much looking forward to honing these skills and meeting all of you this fall.