Photo of Jonathan Got

Jonathan Got

Degrees:B. of Business Administration (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)


Born in Vancouver and raised in the financial hubs of Hong Kong and Shanghai, Jonathan loves to find out how organisations operate. His interest in the tech industry and the business world are reflected in his Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Information Systems and Management. He discovered his passion for writing when he was an exchange student in Berlin where he also worked as an English Editor for an Eastern European media company to tell stories from local perspectives. He then later returned to Hong Kong to serve as an advisor to the Student Union’s Editorial Board. After finishing his undergraduate studies, Jonathan worked at the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva engaging in dialogue with private and public organisations to assist those affected by armed conflict and encourage compliance with international humanitarian law.


He knows that pursuing a Master of Journalism is the right step to take to turn his interests into a career. When he’s not writing or travelling, his interests include transportation, architecture, and history.