Photo of Kozolanka, Kirsten

Kirsten Kozolanka

Professor Emerita
Department:School of Journalism and Communication


Non-Academic Experience

Assistant press secretary/special assistant to a leader of a political party on Parliament Hill

Communications advisor to a cabinet minister (Culture and Communication) at Queen’s Park

Communications manager of a public opinion research program and senior communications assistant in a strategic communications management unit for a federal government department

Co-edited a human rights magazine, edited a student newspaper, did freelance writing, and produced communications materials for NGOs, unions and activist groups

Selected Publications


Media Literacy for Citizenship: A Canadian Perspective. With Paul Orlowski, co-author. Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2018.

Publicity and the Canadian State: Critical Communication Perspectives. Editor. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Alternative Media in Canada. With Patricia Mazepa and David Skinner, editors. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press, 2012.

The Power of Persuasion: The Politics of the New Right in Ontario. Author. Montreal: Black Rose Press, 2007.


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“Activist Archiving of Alternative Media in Canada: The Tip of a Fast-melting Iceberg.”  Journal of Alternative and Community Media. With Michael Lithgow, 2017.

“The March to Militarism in Canada: Domesticating the Global Enemy in the Post-9/11, Neo-liberal Nation,” Global Media Journal, Canadian Edition, Spring 2015.

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Guest editor, Our Schools/Our Selves. Issue theme: Media Education and Educating the Media, Fall 2007 (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).