Photo of Harrap, Liam

Liam Harrap


Liam grew up in the Canadian Rockies – a perfect place for scrambling pointy things and survival skiing. He first went on mountain trips with his father, and it’s thanks to him that he has an interest in the outdoors. Liam loves to travel to cold and miserable places, as long as he has a steaming mug of tea and good grub to fry in bacon fat. He completed his undergrad (via taking the scenic route of 7 years) at the University of British Columbia in English Literature, but has only worked in jobs relating to Biology and skiing. He is one of the main bloggers for a heliskiing website – Last Frontier Heliskiing and submits articles to the Alpine Club of Canada Gazette Magazine. Eventually he would like to settle down in a place where he can have chickens and write about outdoor life.