Photo of Malcolm Reher

Malcolm Reher

Degrees:B. of Journalism (Carleton University)


Malcolm Reher came to Carleton to explore new horizons while understanding the past. Completing his bachelor’s this past spring in journalism and history at Carleton University, he now hopes to further his exploration as he takes on the MJ program.

Malcolm has had unique opportunity to grow his skills under the guidance of the wonderful professors at Carleton. Teaching him how to succeed in the media landscape, and the importance of storytelling.

At his core, Malcolm is a storyteller and an unbreakable optimist with unbounded hopes. Coming from a small town in Northern New Brunswick, he has a passion for advocating for issues facing rural areas, environmental and marine issues.

For the past two years he has informed and educated Restigouche County in Northern New Brunswick on recycling, as he helped spearhead the new collections. Reaching residents through radio, newspapers, social media, and conferences.

Malcolm is of course a small-town boy, but hopes to achieve even more than big city dreams. Firmly believing in the simple words; be kind and dream big.