Photo of Morgane Wauquier

Morgane Wauquier

Degrees:BA in Environment (McGill University)


Morgane was born in Singapore and grew up in different countries in Asia. Her frequent traveling fostered curiosity, wanderlust, and a love of adventure. Having spent 10 years in Shanghai, China, she has a deep love for Chinese languages, culture, and cuisine and cannot wait to return one day. Morgane moved to Canada in 2016 to pursue a BA in Environment at McGill University.

During her undergraduate degree, writing for a McGill blog, taking a course on science communication, and producing an environmental research report all helped cultivate a desire to study journalism. Morgane became increasingly aware of the dangers of misinformation in the fields of environment and health. Environmental health issues concern everybody so accessible, engaging, fact-based information is vital. She is excited to combine her love for writing with her passion for environmental science and public health. She is also interested in how people consume the news differently and hopes to produce engaging, yet honest, stories.

In her free time, Morgane enjoys reading whodunits, putting together photo books, ice skating with friends, and early morning horseback rides.