Photo of Pucci, Antonella

Antonella Pucci

MA Student


Antonella Pucci of Ottawa, born and raised, completed her B.A Honours in Communication Studies with a Concentration in Image, Politics and Persuasion and a Minor in Canadian Studies at Carleton University. She is interested in a range of health communication topics related to outbreak narratives, health panics and disease marketing. Her honours research focused on critically deconstructing embodied gendered identity within the Movember men’s health campaign. Currently, vaccines have grasped Antonella’s fascination. For her Master’s thesis, she is conducting research on how public health discourses and moral regulations are played out in non-fictional media narratives about anti-vaxxer folk devils with regards to coverage on vaccine-preventable diseases. When not buried in school work, Antonella enjoys being actively involved with on-campus communities, meeting new people and taking occasional catnaps.

Interests: Folk Devil Outbreak Narratives, Health Panics, Moral Regulation of Vaccines