Photo of Shelley Page

Shelley Page

Degrees:B. of Journalism (Carleton University)


Better late than never. I’m going back to Carleton to get my master’s after many decades practicing journalism. I’m a former journalist with 25 years of experience as a science and medical writer, city and lifestyle columnist, long-form feature writer and writing coach. I am a three-time winner of the National Newspaper Award in ‘long features,’ ‘politics’ and more recently for ‘short features’ in 2015, for “How I Sanitized the Feminist Outrage Over The Montreal Massacre,” The Ottawa Citizen, Dec 6, 2014. I’m also a three-time winner of the Canadian Science Writers Award. Way back, I also taught science journalism at Carleton.

After journalism, I went to work as Head of Content and Strategic Communications for a global non-profit, where I was lucky to lead a team of young advocacy journalists to tell stories (written and video) about the impact of the organizations’ development, social justice and empowerment work. I am returning to Carleton to pursue a master’s thesis. I’m interested in the practice, standards and pedagogy around advocacy journalism, as well as the experiences of journalists, such as myself, who have moved back and forth between journalism and public relations and advocacy.