Boy and girl take photos of each other

ALDS 3903 A: Language and Gender (Winter 2020)

This course will introduce you to research and theory in the field of Language and Gender. We will explore the work that has been done in the field since its inception to present day, covering topics such as gendered language (do men and women speak differently and if so, how?), gender in language (how do we perform our gender through our use of language?), and approaches to the study of language and gender (what methods do researchers use to study Language and Gender?). You will develop not only a knowledge of the field, but also critical thinking and analytic skills. Using examples and cases from your own experiences and real-life scenarios, you will apply your learning to think reflectively and critically about social issues in which gender and language play a central role.

Prerequisite: 2nd year standing or permission of the instructor.
Instructor: Lisa Armstrong

Image Credit: Bessi from Pixabay