Marina Sabanadze’s Winter term sabbatical has resulted in a textbook <<Our Way to Russia I>>, which counts 236 pages. The new textbook offers our Carleton University students and Russian language instructors a pedagogical tool, specifically designed for our and other Canadian higher learning establishments teaching Russian as a foreign language. Each lesson in a textbook has a structure, which was created to achieve a maximum development of the four major language skills: Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Writing, with an emphasis on oral interaction skills – in only four hours of class instruction per week. While working on the textbook, Marina attended a conference held by the Moscow State University School of Translation and the Russian Academy of Education in Thessaloniki, Greece. The conference, which took place in April 2019, had two points of her interest: translation from Russian and a Master class on writing a textbook for beginners, studying Russian as a foreign language. At the conference, Dr. Sabanadze had a chance to discuss her proposed methodology ideas for the new textbook in addition to the overall current directions and trends in teaching Russian as a foreign language.
Dr. Sabanadze plans to start using her new textbook in RUSS 1010 A and B in the Fall term 2019.