Language Mapping (Fall 2019)

Cross-listed as:

  • LING 4009 B
  • ALDS 4906 B
  • ALDS 5905 L
  • GEOG 5803 F

Different visual representations of language distribution

Language is something we do, rather than something tangible. So how can you map it?

LING 4009 B / ALDS 4906/5905 offers a theoretical and practical approach to language mapping. We’ll begin with an introduction to the principles and methods of linguistic geography, the study of language in space.  Along with a historical overview of two main types of language maps – language distribution maps and linguistic structure maps – from the emergence of the discipline until today, we’ll consider other kinds of linguistic representations that can be considered maps: semantic maps, sociolinguistic network analyses, language classification taxonomies, and visual representations of language change over time.