The graduate students’ Society for Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies (SALaDS) is excited to present their 15th Annual Graduate Student Symposium.

Celebrating 15 Years: Reflecting Back and Thinking Forward in ALDS!

  • Friday, March 13th, 2020 This event has been postponed. Please check back regularly for updates.
  • 252 MacOdrum Library
  • 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.


  • 1:40 – Opening remarks by SLaLS Director Dr. David Wood
  • 1:45 – Keynote Address by Dr. Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale
  • 2:30 – Questions/Discussion
  • 2:40 – Lynne Young Award
  • 2:50 – 4:00 – Poster Session


Tracy standing in front of a tree Using An apprenticeship model for teaching writing: Building language, knowledge, and identity

  • Dr. Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale

This talk will present a model for teaching writing that has been used with students learning English as an additional language. The model uses systemic functional linguistics (SFL) as a framework for teaching language and a teaching learning cycle to apprentice students as they learn to conduct research and write on more complex topics. Teaching science writing through the lens of SFL engages students in reading as writers, in learning develop their meaning potential, and in developing ownership of their writing. Teaching through an apprenticeship model makes explicit the expectations of schooling in English so that students from all language backgrounds have the necessary tools to succeed in school and beyond. By combining SFL and apprenticeship to teach science writing, students learn to be more critical readers, to write for multiple authentic purposes, and to develop strong identities both as writers and as scientists.

Poster Presentations

Tina Beynen
(PhD Student)
Brittany Botti-Amell
(PhD Student)
Kathryn Carreau
(PhD Student)
Firoozeh Chalabian
(MA Student) and Dr. Geoff Pinchbeck
Osama Elbeyaly
(MA Student)
Ashleigh Feltmate
(MA Student)
Codie Fortin Lalonde
(PhD Candidate)
Angela Garcia
(PhD Student)
Fatuma Hussein
(MA Student)
Yasin Kokarca
(MA Student)
Neil Lapierre
(MA Student)
Gillian McLellan (PhD student) and Drs. Eva Kartchava & Michael Rodgers
Alicia Melatti
(MA Student)
Jackson Mitchell
(MA Student)
Lisa Valenta
(MA Student)