Natasha Artemeva and her Brazilian colleagues Milena Moretto, Cleide Inês Wittke, and Vera Lúcia Lopes Cristovão have recently co-edited a special issue of the academic journal Horizontes published in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish by the University of São Francisco in Brazil. The English title of the special issue is ‘Textual/discourse genre as a tool that forges literacy: Necessary practices in the context of formal education’, and it is expected to appear online within the next month. The special issue includes three articles written by ALDS graduate students: “Capstone courses across disciplines: An exploratory study of a pedagogical genre”, a posthumously published paper written by our former (and sorely missed) PhD student Flavia Renon; “Workplace requests: A critical literature review”, a paper by our current MA student Neil Lapierre, and “Institutional mission statements: Discursive construction of organizational identity in Canadian post-secondary education”, an article by another current MA student Sebin Jung. Congratulations to Neil and Sebin on their international publication!