Join us during the late summer term (July-August) for a special topics course, “Methods in Corpus Linguistics,” taught by Dr. Christopher Cox.

This graduate-level seminar provides an introduction to central concepts and common analytical techniques in corpus linguistics, an approach to studying language that focuses on collections of observations of language in use (corpora). Through a combination of assigned readings, seminar presentations, and a series of practical activities that introduce different techniques for corpus-assisted analysis, annotation, and corpus development, participants in this course will become familiar with a range of corpus-based methods that are commonly employed in applied linguistics today. No previous background in corpus linguistics or corpus-based methodologies is assumed.

About the Course

Methods in Corpus Linguistics (ALDS 5905 S)
Instructor: Christopher Cox
Term: Late Summer 2020 (July 2 – August 14)
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday 12:35 -15:25

This courses is offered online. Students must be available during the scheduled time.