ALDS MA students with documented previous experience in teaching English as second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) may follow a sequence of courses in their MA program leading to professional certification as a teacher of English to adults.

This sequence of courses satisfies the requirements of TESL Ontario, the professional association of TESL practitioners in Ontario, as a qualification to teach ESL to adults in Ontario. The qualification is transferrable to most other provinces in Canada.

MA students who wish to follow this sequence of courses are advised to consult the website of TESL Ontario for details of the requirements for certification, especially as regards the teaching practicum component. Note also that the TESL Ontario certification requirements for English Language Proficiency exceed those of Carleton University.

The required MA courses for TESL Certification are:

  • ALDS 5205* (1.0 credit)
  • ALDS 5806* (0.5 credit)
  • ALDS 4801 OR ALDS 5103 OR ALDS 5207 (0.5 credit)
  • ALDS 4602 OR ALDS 5302 (0.5 credit)

*ALDS 5205 and ALDS 5806 must be taken concurrently.

It is important to note that these courses total 2.5 credits of a 5 credit degree, and that students wishing to pursue these courses plus Research Paper or Thesis options are likely to need more than 5 credits to complete their degree.

Students who want to follow the TESL Certification stream should state so in their application statement, and identify themselves by contacting Dr. Eva Kartchava before registering for MA courses.