2nd Annual Linguistics Graduate Conference

April 18, 2023


On Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, we will hold our SECOND ANNUAL LINGUISTICS GRADUATE CONFERENCE. This will be an informal and friendly venue for students (and faculty) to present completed or in-progress work in the format of an academic conference.

It will serve not only as an exercise in disseminating research, but also as a venue where those working on language and linguistics can come together as a community, and students and faculty can learn about everything that’s going on research-wise.

This message serves as a CALL FOR PAPERS for the conference. Please submit an abstract, not to exceed one page in 12-point font, no later than Friday, March 31st, by email to lev.blumenfeld@carleton.ca, with the words “ling conference 2023” in the subject line. Abstracts will be reviewed internally and the program communicated within a week of the abstract deadline.

The topic of the conference is Linguistics, as well as Language documentation and revitalization. Students from units other than LING (such as Cognitive Science and ALDS) working in these areas are welcome to submit abstracts. In case space is limited, preference will be given to students in the LING programs.

The conference will be held IN PERSON on campus. All presentations will be in the form of talks (not posters).