Success in credit ESLA courses can affect both your course load and how you advance through ESLA courses. It is important to note further restrictions may apply to the ESLA holds seen on Carleton Central (see ‘What Your Hold Really Means‘ section for more information).

How many courses can I take?

The number of additional credits you are permitted to register in along with your ESLA course is limited if you were admitted with an English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR). Further restrictions may apply to the ESLA holds seen on Carleton Central (see ‘What Your Hold Really Means’ section for more information). Your initial ESLA placement and course load is based on your student status and the English language test results you submitted during the application process. Returning students ESLA placements and course loads will depend on their student status and their previous ESLA final grade. You should check for your updated ESLA hold at the end of every term. These holds are updated after your final ESLA grade has been officially released on Carleton Central. Students with an ESLA final grade of B- or higher are normally permitted to add additional credits to their next term of study. Additional credits can not be added until final grades have been officially released and ESLA holds have been updated for the term on Carleton Central (in late August and mid to late December).

What Your ESLA Hold Really Means: ESLA placement/course load including further restrictions:

How do I advance through the different levels of ESLA?

You must show continuous progress in your ESLA courses. This means continuous registration, regular attendance, and grades that show that you are working to improve your English language proficiency levels. If you do not show continuous attendance, registration or progress in your ESLA course(s) you will lose the opportunity to study at Carleton University.

How is my final ESLA grade used?

Students admitted with an ESLR have their ESLA final grade used in two ways.

Please note your final ESLA grades can also impact your ability to remain registered in your degree program. Undergraduate students may be able to use their ESLA credit(s) towards their degree (see the Undergraduate calendar).