Photo of Nicholas Oregon

Nicholas Oregon

Current Program: MA in (ALDS)

Degrees:BA, York University (Linguistics)

My areas of interest include second language acquisition, curriculum and language teaching, language testing and assessment, and critical discourse analysis. I am particularly interested in L2 phonology or phonological attainment, exploring alternative approaches to teaching, and cognitive style bias and it’s implications for validity in testing and assessment. I am also interested in exploring the discourses of masculinity and sexuality that are produced in film and television.

I have always been interested in the practical applications of language; how we learn it, how we teach it and how we use it to create meaning in the world. My interest in language learning, teaching, and assessment brought me to Carleton; interests that developed due to my being a language learner myself and my experiences in the language classroom. ALDS presented me with the opportunity to be an innovator and to find ways to improve the education of languages.

Area(s) of Interest:

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Curriculum
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Critical Discourse Analysis