Photo of Kristin Snoddon

Kristin Snoddon

Assistant Professor (Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies)

Degrees:Ph.D., M.A., B.A. (University of Toronto)
Office:254 Paterson Hall


Kristin Snoddon’s research interests are in applied sign language linguistics and sign language planning and policy. Her research and professional experience includes collaborative work with deaf communities in developing sign language and early literacy programming for deaf children and parents. Her most recent research has focused on developing a parent ASL curriculum that is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Research Interests

  • Sign language planning and policy
  • Plurilingualism and translingual practice
  • Ethnography of language and literacy
  • Critical disability studies and discourse analysis


  • Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (Disability Studies) (0-100)

Courses previously taught

  • ALDS 1001: Introduction to Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
  • ALDS 2704: Bilingualism
  • ALDS 2705: Language, Ideology and Power
  • ALDS 3903: Special Topic: Sign Language Planning and Policy
  • ALDS 3903/4906: Special Topic: Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • ALDS 5407: Language Policy and Planning
  • ALDS 5905: Special Topic: Accessibility and Discourse

Selected Publications (2010-2017)


  • Snoddon, K. (2012). American Sign Language and early literacy: A model parent-child program.  Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press.

Books edited

  • Kusters, A., Green, M., Moriarty Harrelson, E., & Snoddon, K. (Eds., in preparation). Sign language ideologies in practice. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter.
  • Snoddon, K. (2014). Telling Deaf lives: Agents of change. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press.

Articles in refereed journals

  • Paul, J.J. & Snoddon, K. (2017). Framing deaf children’s right to sign language in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 6(1).
  • Snoddon, K. (2017). Uncovering translingual practices in teaching parents classical ASL varieties. International Journal of Multilingualism, 14(3).
  • Snoddon, K. (2016). Whose ASL counts? Linguistic prescriptivism and challenges in the context of parent sign language curriculum development. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.
  • Snoddon, K. (2015). Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to teach sign language to parents of deaf children. Canadian Modern Language Review, 71(3), 270-287.
  • Snoddon, K. (2014). Ways of taking from books in ASL book sharing. Sign Language Studies, 14(3), 338-359.
  • Snoddon, K. & Underwood, K. (2014). Toward a social relational model of Deaf childhood. Disability & Society, 29(4), 530-542.
  • Snoddon, K. (2011). Action research with a family ASL literacy program. Writing & Pedagogy, 3(2), 265-288.
  • Snoddon, K. (2010). Technology as a learning tool for ASL literacy. Sign Language Studies, 10(2), 197-213.

Chapters in edited books

  • Snoddon, K. & Underwood, K. (2017). A social relational model of Deaf childhood in action. In T. Curran, K. Liddiard, & K. Runswick-Cole (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Burke, T.B., Snoddon, K., & Wilkinson, E. (2016). Genetics and deafness: A view from the inside. In B. Vona & T. Haaf (Eds.), Genetics of deafness (Monographs in Human Genetics series, 20, pp. 1-8). Basel, Germany: Karger.
  • Snoddon, K. (2014). Baby sign as Deaf-gain. In H-D.L. Bauman & J.J. Murray (Eds.), Deaf-gain: Raising the stakes for human diversity (pp. 146-158. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Snoddon, K. (2014). Hearing parents as plurilingual learners of ASL. In D. McKee, R. Rosen, & R.McKee (Eds.), Teaching and learning of signed languages: International perspectives and practices (pp. 175-196). Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Snoddon, K. (2011). Developing American Sign Language identity texts. In J. Cummins & M. Early (Eds.), Identity texts: The collaborative creation of power in multilingual schools (pp. 149-152). Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Trentham Books.

Guest edited issues of refereed journals

  • Taylor, S.K. & Snoddon, K. (2013). Plurilingualism in TESOL. Special issue of TESOL Quarterly. 47(3).

Major encyclopedia or dictionary articles

  • Czubek, T.A. & Snoddon, K. (2016). Bilingualism, philosophy and models of. In G. Gertz & P. Boudreault (Eds.), The Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, Volume I (pp. 79-82). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Book reviews in scholarly journals

  • Snoddon, K. (2017). [Review of Made to hear: Cochlear implants and raising deaf children.] Sociology of Health and Illness.
  • Snoddon, K. (2017). [Review of It’s a small world: International deaf spaces and encounters.] Disability & Society, 32(5).
  • Snoddon, K. (2016). [Review of Language, corpus and empowerment: Applications to deaf education, healthcare and online resources.] Discourse and Society, 27(6).
  • Snoddon, K. (2014). [Review of The Deaf House.] Sign Language Studies, 14(4), 543-546.
  • Snoddon, K. (2013). [Review of Growing Up with Languages: Reflections on Multilingual Childhoods.] TESOL Quarterly, 47(3), 660-662.

Selected presentations

  • Snoddon, K. (2016, June 20). Renegotiating Language and Cultural Norms in Developing a Parent ASL Curriculum. Paper presented at Translanguaging and repertoires across signed and spoken languages: Insights from linguistic ethnographies in (super)diverse contexts, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity, Göttingen, Germany.
  • Snoddon, K. (2016, June 17). Developing a Parent Sign Language Curriculum: Ethical and Policy Issues in Early Intervention for Deaf Children. Paper presented at Language and Health: Ethical and Policy Issues Conference, McGill University, Montreal QC.
  • Snoddon, K., & Underwood, K. (2016, May 28). Can a Human Rights Framework Support the Social Relational Model of Deaf Childhood? Paper presented at the Canadian Disability Studies Association Conference, University of Calgary, Calgary AB.
  • Snoddon, K. (2016, May 4). Problematizing a sign language rights framework. Paper presented at Inviting Movements: Emerging Critical Disability & Deaf Perspectives and Practices, Concordia University, Montreal, QC.
  • Paul, J.J. & Snoddon, K. (2015, September 5). Biolingual Process: Viewing Sign Language Rights through the Lens of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Paper presented at Multidisciplinary Approaches to Language Policy and Planning Conference, University of Calgary, AB.
  • De Geus, M., Oyserman, J., & Snoddon, K. (2015, July 30). Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to teach sign language to parents of Deaf children. Presentation at the XVII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Snoddon, K. (2013, August 16). Hearing parents as plurilingual learners of ASL. Paper presented at Interdisciplinary Approaches to Multilingualism 2013 Conference, University of Calgary, AB.
  • Snoddon, K. (2012, June 15). Equity in education: Signed language and the courts. Presentation at Taking Stock of Inclusion in the Education Sector: Where Have We Come From, Where are We Going, Atlantic Human Rights Centre, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB.
  • Snoddon, K. (2010, September 17). Equity in education: Signed language and the courts. Presentation at the San Francisco State University Rights Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Snoddon, K., (2010, July 19). Facilitating phonological awareness through participation in a family ASL literacy program. Symposium presentation at the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf, Vancouver, BC.

Research grants

  • Development Grant, Carleton University. Project: Finalizing a Curriculum Framework for Teaching American Sign Language to Parents of Deaf Children, Principal Investigator. Amount: $6,100. 2016-17.
  • SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Project: Developing a Parent ASL Curriculum, Principal Investigator. Amount: $74,580. 2014-16.
  • Killam Research Fund, University of Alberta. Project: Evaluating a curriculum framework for teaching sign langauge to parents of deaf children, Principal Investigator. Amount: $5,886. 2013-14.
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. Project: Children’s Book Sharing with ASL, Principal Investigator. Amount: $81,000. 2010-12.