Anthropology Graduate Alumni Testimonials

“A few things I think really defined my time in the department was the small cohort and the collegiality that that generated (our cohort felt like family, and we all worked together often to make it through). I also keep in touch with many of those people today. The departments policy of allowing a semester of TA duties to be taken as “other duties” to allow for fieldwork. I think that’s a really unique policy and really shows the departments prioritisation of fieldwork and new research. Danielle DiNovelli-Lang was a really amazing supervisor, and really was critical in allowing me to complete my degree. My original supervisor was Claudio, and when he left to go to Dalhousie, I was without a supervisor. I had taken some courses with Danielle and really enjoyed working with her. I went to her even though my research project didn’t exactly line up with her research, and asked if she would supervise me. She said to me “I thought you would never ask!” She helped me reformulate my project when I ran into some fieldwork issues, and helped me have a great thesis experience.”

Grant MacNeil (MA Anthropology, 2015)
Organiser for the Canadian Federation of Students

“I loved the close friendships I developed with each of the members of our cohort. We were a group of about 12 students and although I came into the program, moving to Ottawa from Texas, not knowing a single person and extremely nervous, I left Carleton with a group of friends that made my time there enjoyable and exciting. It was great to have that support system and in addition to that, I found that faculty to be open, approachable, supportive, and more than happy to give you their time. I had instances while I was in the program where I felt confused about what direction I wanted to go with my research and I remember Louise being so patient with me, listening to my concerns and giving me meaningful feedback. Lovely memories.”

Arianna Jezari Anglin (MA Anthropology, 2012)
Deputy Head of Department for the Primary Section at an
International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Kampala, Uganda

“I loved my experience as an Anthropology MA student at Carleton. The small class sizes made for a very intimate and supportive learning environment where everyone was encouraged to contribute their own experiences and perspectives. It was also great to be able to participate in classes in other departments and have access to faculty in other departments.”

Nicole Robinson (MA Anthropology, 2012)
Program Manager for Community Engagement with the First Nations, Inuit and Métis
Cancer Strategy team at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)

“The Anthropology department at Carleton University is truly exceptional. From the variety of course selections to the supportive professors to the inspiring colleagues, its academics and community go beyond the typical University. However, there are two key things from my time at Carleton that stand out for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the times I spent with classmates discussing course topics and research areas in Mike’s Place over a cup of coffee; our classes were so fascinating and professors so engaging, it was difficult to keep our debates within the allotted time (and our professors would often join us too)! I also loved my thesis supervisor’s monthly “check ins” where all of her grad students came together to discuss issues or concerns (with one main student presenting his/her research so far for feedback). We shared snacks, coffee, and advice, which I felt I significantly benefited from in my own research. This helped develop a sense of community and collegiality, which made my experience special.”

Cassandra McCabe (Verardi) (MA Anthropology, 2013)
High School Teacher with the York Region District School Board