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Winter 2018​

Course Course Title Instructor Credit
ANTH 5208A Anthropology of Indigeneity D. Patrick  0.5
ANTH 5209A/ ANTH 4620A Advanced Studies in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Issues in Anthropological Research Contemporary ethnopolitics in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) L. de la Gorgendière  0.5
ANTH 5402W Theories and Methods II P. Gose  0.5
ANTH 5403W/ ANTH4500A Interpreting Symbols P. Gose  0.5
ANTH 5708W/ SOCI 5806W Special Topics in Anthropology: Engaged Social Research C. Dixon  0.5
ANTH 5708X/ ANTH 4780A Special Topics in Anthropology Personhood Revisited: From salvage life-stories to relational affect and post-humanist selves F. Slaney  0.5
ANTH 5812F/ ANTH 6002F Research Design D. Rosenblatt  0.25
ANTH 5900W Tutorial Various  0.5
ANTH 5900X Tutorial Various  0.5
ANTH 5906W Fieldwork N/A  0.5
ANTH 5907W Placement in Anthropology N/A  0.5
ANTH 5908W M.A. Research Essay N/A  1.0
ANTH 5909W M.A. Thesis N/A  2.0
ANTH 6000T Doctoral Seminar: Theory & Method in Contemporary Anthropology M.-E. Carrier-Moisan  0.5
ANTH 6002F/ ANTH 5812F Research Design D. Rosenblatt  0.25
ANTH 6100W Thesis Writing Seminar B. Leistle  0.0
ANTH 6900W Tutorial Various  0.5
ANTH 6907W Placement in Anthropology N/A  0.5
ANTH 6909W Ph.D Thesis N/A  7.0