Supervision status is granted based on rank. If you have questions about supervisory status, please consult the Graduate Administrator, Darlene Moss ( The following legend is meant as an indication only. Please make sure to consult with the faculty you’re interested in working with:
* May supervise both MA and PhD theses
** May supervise MA theses and co-supervise PhD theses until granted tenure, when will have full supervision status.
*** May co-supervise MA and PhD theses with the permission of FGPA

Who Can Supervise My Thesis?

Core Anthropology Faculty
Virginia Caputo* Gendered childhoods, girlhood, children’s rights, feminist theories and methodologies, transnational feminism, globalization, schooling, youth and media, violence, health 2624
Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan* Gender, sexual politics, migration and transnationalism, sex tourism and sexual labour, public emotions, Brazil 3724
Louise de la Gorgendière* African diaspora, migration, development anthropology, education, ethnopolitics, Ghana 2589
Danielle DiNovelli-Lang* Human-Animal relations, value theory, posthumanism, natural resource economies, U.S./Indigenous politics, Alaska 2614
Matthew Hawkins Soccer supporters, political uses of memory, emotion and affect, social movements, urban anthropology, Argentina 2795
Peter Gose* Race, colonialism, hermeneutics, practice theory, hegemony theory 2585
Bernhard Leistle* Phenomenological anthropology, anthropology of psychiatry, semiotics, Morocco 1955
Donna Patrick* Linguistic ethnography, indigeneity, transnationalism and urbanization, Arctic, language endangerment and revitalization 8070
Jen Pylypa* Medical anthropology, health of women and children, transnational adoption, Southeast Asia, Canada 6329
Daniel Rosenblatt* Indigeneity, middleclassness, electronic media, identity, cultural theory 1966
Blair Rutherford* Governance and rights, migration and borders, agrarian dynamics, gendered livelihoods, sub-Saharan Africa 2601
Zoe Todd** Human-environmental relations, indigenous and comparative political ontologies, gender, resource extraction, colonialism
Anthropology Faculty in Other Departments
Melanie Adrian* Minorities rights in religiously, ethnically and culturally diverse societies 2085
Kamari Clarke* Law, Culture, History, Power, The Judicialization of Politics, Transnational Ethnographies of International Law, Contemporary Evidentiary Dilemmas, Religion and Social Movements 4170
Monica Patterson** Children/childhoods, memory, violence, race/racism/racialisation, visual culture, heritage, museums, curating, sub-Saharan Africa  3104
Ruth Phillips* Visual studies, museum studies, Aboriginal art and material culture, cultures of indigenous and diasporic communities. 2350
Allan Ryan* Contemporary Indigenous expressive arts, Aboriginal film makers, collaborative initiatives in the preservation of ethnic identities in Canada, China and Brazil, Aboriginal cartoonists, humour in art 4035