Welcome to the Anthropology Faculty page. Here you will find information about our Anthropology Faculty and their research interests.

Who Can Supervise My Thesis?

Virginia Caputo* Gendered childhoods, girlhood, children’s rights, feminist theories and methodologies, transnational feminism, globalization, schooling, youth and media, violence, health virginia.caputo@carleton.ca 2624
Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan* Gender, sexual politics, migration and transnationalism, sex tourism and sexual labour, public emotions, Brazil marieeve.carriermoisan@carleton.ca 3724
Louise de la Gorgendière* African diaspora, migration, development anthropology, education, ethnopolitics, Ghana louise.de.la.gorgendiere@carleton.ca 2589
Danielle DiNovelli-Lang* Human-Animal relations, value theory, posthumanism, natural resource economies, U.S./Indigenous politics, Alaska danielle.dinovelli@carleton.ca 2614
Matthew Hawkins Soccer supporters, political uses of memory, emotion and affect, social movements, urban anthropology, Argentina matthew.hawkins@carleton.ca 2795
Peter Gose* Race, colonialism, hermeneutics, practice theory, hegemony theory peter.gose@carleton.ca 2585
Jean-Michel Landry Political anthropology, critical theory, postcolonial studies, religion, gender, migration, the Middle East TBA TBA
Bernhard Leistle* Phenomenological anthropology, anthropology of psychiatry, semiotics, Morocco bernhard.leistle@carleton.ca 1955
Donna Patrick* Linguistic ethnography, indigeneity, transnationalism and urbanization, Arctic, language endangerment and revitalization donna.patrick@carleton.ca 8070
Jen Pylypa* Medical anthropology, health of women and children, transnational adoption, Southeast Asia, Canada jen.pylypa@carleton.ca 6329
Daniel Rosenblatt* Indigeneity, middleclassness, electronic media, identity, cultural theory daniel.rosenblatt@carleton.ca 1966
Blair Rutherford* Governance and rights, migration and borders, agrarian dynamics, gendered livelihoods, sub-Saharan Africa blair.rutherford@carleton.ca 2601
Vivian Solana Political and feminist anthropology, postcolonial studies, forced displacement, anti-colonial revolutionary movements, gender, generation and transnational activism TBA TBA
Zoe Todd** Human-environmental relations, indigenous and comparative political ontologies, gender, resource extraction, colonialism soc-anthro@carleton.ca
Anthropology Faculty in Other Departments
Melanie Adrian* Minorities rights in religiously, ethnically and culturally diverse societies melanie.adrian@carleton.ca 2085
Kamari Clarke* Law, Culture, History, Power, The Judicialization of Politics, Transnational Ethnographies of International Law, Contemporary Evidentiary Dilemmas, Religion and Social Movements kamari.clarke@carleton.ca 4170
Monica Patterson** Children/childhoods, memory, violence, race/racism/racialisation, visual culture, heritage, museums, curating, sub-Saharan Africa monica.patterson@carleton.ca  3104
Ruth Phillips* Visual studies, museum studies, Aboriginal art and material culture, cultures of indigenous and diasporic communities. ruth.phillips@carleton.ca 2350
Allan Ryan* Contemporary Indigenous expressive arts, Aboriginal film makers, collaborative initiatives in the preservation of ethnic identities in Canada, China and Brazil, Aboriginal cartoonists, humour in art allan.ryan@carleton.ca 4035

* May supervise both MA and PhD theses
** May supervise MA theses and co-supervise PhD theses until granted tenure, when will have full supervision status.
*** May co-supervise MA and PhD theses with the permission of FGPA

Supervision status is granted based on rank. If you have questions about supervisory status, please consult the Graduate Administrator, Darlene Moss. The following legend is meant as an indication only. Please make sure to consult with the faculty you’re interested in working with.

This table indicates which types of professors, instructors, and adjunct faculty are eligible to serve as Supervisors, Co-Supervisors, and Committee members for M.A. and Ph.D. student theses.