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Summer 2018

Name Courses Email Office
Vivianna Boiles-Leonard ANTH 2500A A713 Loeb
Gregory Brown SOCI 4850A A708 Loeb
Ariel Fuenzalida SOCI 3055A A701 Loeb
J.Z. Garrod SOCI/DIGH 2705A A701 Loeb
Karine Geoffrion ANTH 1002A A713 Loeb
Adina Ilea SOCI 2450A A701 Loeb
Liam Kilmurray ANTH 1001A A713 Loeb
Leslie-Anne Keown SOCI 3410A A713 Loeb
Christian Pasiak SOCI 1002A A713 Loeb
Chitra Sekhar ANTH/SOCI 3045A A713 Loeb