Ph.D. Theses:


Liu, Ying-Ying Tiffany, Intra-Migrant Economy: Chinese Restaurant Entrepreneurship and Zimbabwean Migrant Workers in South Africa – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Rao, Sheila, Women’s Sweet Success? Interrogating Nutritionism in Biofortified Sweet Potato Promotion in Mwasonga, Tanzania – Supervisor: B. Rutherford and L. de la Gorgendière


Mohammadi, Fatemeh, Youth Clubs as Men/Women Caves: Exploring an Emerging Muslim Youth Subculture Creating a New Canadian Religious Identity – Supervisor: B. Given


Hawkins, Matthew, “This is Boedo” Stories of a Lost Football Stadium, a Buenos Aires Barrio, and How the Hinchas of San Lorenzo Fought to Return – Supervisor: P. Gose


Sax, Marieka, Sorcery and Morality in the Andes: Illness, Healing, and Brujeria in Kanaris (Lambayeque, Peru) – Supervisor: P. Gose

Tubb, Daniel, Gold in the Choco, Columbia – Supervisor: P. Gose

M.A. Theses:


Benincasa, Erin, Moving Identities: An exploration of the Lived Experiences of Chinese International Students at a Private School in Ontario – Supervisor: D. Patrick

Bider, Emma, The Sound of Home: Tuareg Women’s Tendé Drumming in France and Belgium – Supervisor: B. Rutherford and C. Ramzy

Vicencio Diaz, Liz Veronica, Gender and Sexual Fluidity in Veracruz, Mexico – Supervisor: M.E. Carrier Moisan


Decontie, Faith, Remembering Why We Sit at the Table – Supervisor: D. Patrick

Langille, Justin, “As It Flows Down from the North”: Confluences of water stewardship emerging from the Ottawa River watershed – Supervisor: F. Slaney

Vandervalk, Sandra, Line Dancing: A Performative and Phenomenological Study of the Borderlands Region of Stanstead, Quebec, and Derby Line, Vermont – Supervisor: B. Leistle


Auclair, Karina, Tensions on Erraid: How the Need for “Human Sustainability” Challenges an Intentional Spiritual Community – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli Lang

Reilly, Barbara, Monumental Meaning-Making: Interpreting Westport, Ontario’s Cemeteries – Supervisor: B. Given

Hale, Tyler, More Than Material: The Vibrancy of the Car in the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli-Lang


Boon, Dirk, Living After Prison: The Experience of (Re)integration to Society after Release from an Ontario Correctional Facility – Supervisor: B. Given

Cameron, Courtney, Dedicated Athletes, Deviant Women: The Experience of Being an Amateur Sportswoman in a Contemporary Canadian Context – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

MacNeil, John,  The Construction of Identity Among Inuit Men in Ottawa Through Foodways – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli-Lang

Shalaby, Carina,  Leaving Little Great River: An Ethnography of the Inuit Experience of Travelling Down South to Face justice – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt

Spry, Melinda, Living with Lupus in Ottawa, Ontario: An Exploration of Illness Narratives – Supervisor: J. Pylypa


Guigue, Samantha, Flat, Frozen and Everlasting: Cosmetic Surgery Abroad and the Production of Feminine Bodies in Neoliberal North America – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Horsfall, Johanne, Signifying Difference:  Muslim Experiences with Dogs in Canada – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli-Lang

Kidd, Abigail, Challenging Categories: An Ethnography of Young Adults with Down Syndrome in a Community in Ontario – Supervisor: A. Shotwell/ J. Pylypa

O’Sullivan, Sarah, The Politics of Triage: International aid and AIDS care in Northern Uganda – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Rickert, Melanie, Propaganda? What Propaganda?: Discourse, Identity, and Queer Activism in St. Petersburg, Russia – Supervisor: M-E. Carrier-Moisan


Graham, Megan, Between Pre-Objectivity and Objectivity: A Phenomenological Study of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapists’ Experiences of Healing in Music – Supervisor: B. Leistle

Jones, Angeline,  The Impact of Socio-cultural Issues on Mature Women and Alcohol Use in Glasgow, Scotland: An Anthropological Exploration – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendiere

MacLeod, Katie, Displaced Mixed-Blood: An Ethnographic Exploration of Métis Identities in Nova Scotia – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Pockele, Samantha, Ned Aesthetics in Contemporary Glasgow: Preforming Classes, Appropriating Races – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Robinson, Marion, Training Our Bodies to Defend Ourselves: Self-defence Training as Embodied Learning – Supervisor: B. Leistle

Sanderson, Matthew, The Embodiment of Post-Concussion Syndrome: Reflexive Research, Acting Athletes, Managing Medical Professionals, and Moral Trepidation – Supervisor: B. Leistle

Verardi, Cassandra, Perceptions of Voluntourism – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Williams, Tabitha, Life History of a Calumet: Social History through the Life History of An Object – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli-Lang


Ellis, Natalie, Beyond “Good” and “Evil”: Illuminating the Complex Realities of Experience in Glasgow’s Regenerated Retail Spaces – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt

Fox, Graham, Belonging Behind Walls: Race, Security, and Citizenship amongst Euro-Kenyans in Nairobi – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Jezari, Arianna, Through Their Eyes: Insights from the Lived Experiences of Blind Youth in Uganda – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Johnston, Lina, Discourses of Security, Agricultural Innovation and Nature: the Cuban Transition to Agro-Ecology and the Construction of Campesino Identity – Supervisor: P. Ballamingie and C. Aporta

Lui, Ying-Ying Tiffany, Falun Gong, the Diaspora and Chinese Identity: Fieldwork amount the Practitioners in Ottawa – Supervisor: B. Given and B. Rutherford

Mason, Miranda, HIV and Gendered Migrations: an articulation of young women’s diverse migration experiences on the Thai-Lao border – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Nham, William, Digging Up Zimbabwean Gold Miners: An Anthropological Study of Artisanal Gold Mining in Central Mozambique – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Poole, Joanne, The Little Iron Horse in Post-Humanist Perspective: Contemporary Engagements with the Canadian Horse in Rural Quebec – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and S. Pulla 

Shen, Yu, Articulating Chinese Cultural Identity through Participating in Teaching Chinese Mandarin Heritage Language – Supervisor: B. Given

Tetroe Robinson, Nicole, An Ethnographic Exploration of the Work of Aboriginal Social Workers: Examining the Applicability of Foucault’s Governmentality – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt

Tran, Chi Kim, An Ethnographic Analysis of the Current Whistleblowing Landscape in the Canadian Public Service – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Wilson, Amy,  The Dys-Appearing Body: Understanding the Everyday Lived Experience of Women with Fibromyalgia – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière


Conway, Alana, Examining the “illegitimate” refugee label: A case study of Roma refugee claimants in Canada – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Fonesca, Ana, “It’s not just about money”: An Ethnography of Rebusque Performances and Life-Stories on Public Transportation Buses in Downtown Bogotá, Colombia – Supervisor: F. Slaney

Kamari, Wangui, Learning to be Black: The Afrocentric “Word” as Anti-racism Mobilization in Salvador, Brazil. – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and P. Gose

Panday, Aruna, From Kapahaka to Hip Hop: Maori Popular Music in Aotearoa/New Zealand  – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt


Agrawal, Anita, Life After Wife Abuse South Asian Women in the Greater Toronto Area – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Baglow, John, Foreign Bodies: the Etiology of Nunavut Governance – Supervisor: J. Keil and C. Aporta

Clarke-Nolan, Katherine, The Macro Vs. The Micro: The Cultural Dialogues of Compensated Surrogacy – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt

Harrison, Brendan, Kiva: An Analysis of Microfinance, NGOs and Development Discourses  – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and B. Rutherford

Karpala, Kelly, Adapting to a World of Change: Inuit Perspectives of Climate Change in Igloolik, Nunavut – Supervisor: C. Aporta and G. Laidler

Morgan, Matthew, “The One That Cuts the Path Doesn’t Know it is Crooked”: Ghanaian NGO Workers’ Perspectives of Development in the Multi Donor Budget Support Era – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and B. Rutherford

Seabrook, Christopher, “It Gives Me Thunder”: Reflections on “Becoming Fur”  – Supervisor: B. Given

Thomson, Charisma, Roadside Memorials in Rural North America: Symbolic performance of double burial – Supervisor: F. Slaney

Tsiknis, Stella, Hellas and Hellenes: An Ethnography of Transnationalism – Supervisor: J. Keil and D. Patrick


Davis, Leanne, “Negotiating social space through fair trade coffee consumption” – Supervisor: F. Slaney

Owen, Wendy, “Rwandans in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada: Interactions and Relationships within the Diaspora” – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Patrick, Caryl, ‘Home Care for the Homeless: Experiences of Infirmary Clients at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto.’ – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Slawich, Jennifer, Bilateral Development: Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Canadian-Tanzanian Partnership Through HIV/AIDS Indicators – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and J. Pylypa


Lazarus, Joanne, “Filipino ‘Nursing Medics’: Why are Doctors Retraining as Nurses in the Philippines?” – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Myles, Bryan,  “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”: The Principles and Practices of Ecotourism in Belize” – Supervisor: P. Gose

Rotman, Amy,  “Making Meaning of Racial Cosmetic Surgery: Its Implications and Effects on the Lives of Women in America” – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Sax, Marieka, Feeding as a Force of Production and Advancement in the Peruvian Andes – Supervisor: P. Gose

Schissel, Paul, “Muai Thai and the Embodiment of Fighting Forms in a Rural Northeast Thai Household” – Supervisor: F. Slaney

Stegner, Irmgard, The History, Symbolism, Spirituality, and Transformation of the Jingle Dress and Dance of the North-Eastern Woodland Indians – Supervisor: D. Smith

Zubi,  Hadaf,  “The Mano River Conflict Complex” – Supervisor: J. Keil


Bell, Alison, From Pond to Pro:  Hockey as a Symbol of Canadian National Identity – Supervisor: B. Given

Blancette, Laurie, The Link Between Gendered Violence and HIV/AIDS:  Black Women in South Africa – Supervisor: B. Rutherford

Chao, Hui-Min, “Women in Cyakang Village Taiwan” – Supervisor: J. Keil

Kenny, Mary Ellen, The Integration Experience of Somali Refugee Youth in Ottawa, Canada: “Failure is not an option for us” – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière

Mohamed, Hodan, Somali Single Mothers in Ottawa:  challenges and Opportunities of Resettlement and Implications on Health and Well-being – Supervisor: J. Pylypa

Neelin, Lyndal, Anglophone ‘habitus’ in the Making and un-Making of South African Apartheid – Supervisor: P. Gose and J. Keil

Nguyen, An, Cyberculture from the East:  Japanese Rock Music Fans in North America – Supervisor: B. Given


Ahmed, Kazi Afzal, Formation of Identities of Bangladeshi Immigrants in Ottawa – Supervisor: B. Rutherford and D. Smith

Birch, Jennifer, Public Archaeology and the Cultural Resource Management Industry in Southern Ontario – Supervisor: D. Smith and J-L. Pilon

Hanson, Natasha, The contemporary Canadian Tattoo as Symbolic Adoption and Adaptation – Supervisor: B. Given

Kanagasabapathy, Manivillie, Post-War Identity Re-construction in Sri Lanka:  Negotiation of Gendered Identity between the Local and Diaspora Community – Supervisor: J. Keil and B. Rutherford

Lundy, Colin, Wither Biodiversity, Whither Food Security?  Participatory Analyses of Mixed Cropping System With Adivasi Communities in India – Supervisor: J. Chevalier

Lynk, Wendy, Cultural Colour Construction:  A Case of the Pharmaceutical Industry – Supervisor: G. Pollard

Nelson, Rodney L., Forget Bricks and Mortar, It’s about the People:  Views and Techniques of an Anthropologist in the Corporate World – Supervisor: D. Smith

Prest, Leslie Erin, Technopagans:  Neopagans on the Internet and the Emergence of Virtual Communities – Supervisor: B. Given


Belanger, Julie, The Colombian Coca Industry and the Indigenous Movement:  Mediating the Effects of Fumigation, Displacement, and Violence – Supervisor: J. Chevalier and B. Rutherford

Kim, Elizabeth, ‘Get a Life!’  an Anthropological Assessment of   Public Bioethical Debate – Supervisor: D. Smith and P. Thurtle

Loewen, David, Imagining Prairie Community:  The Settlement and Retention of South African Physicians in Rural Saskatchewan – Supervisor: B. Rutherford and S. Klausen

Louttit, Stanley, Diabetes and Glimpses of a 21st Century Eeyou (Cree) Culture:  Local Perspectives on Diet, Body Weight, Physical Activity and ‘Being’ Eeyou Among an Eeyou Youth Population of the Eeyou (Cree) Nation of Wemindji, Quebec – Supervisor: D. Patrick

MacKinnon, Marianne, Anthropology, Tourism and Protecting One’s Own:  The Ethics of Representing Polynesian Cultural Identity – Supervisor: J. Keil

Varghese, Anupa, Experiences of Displacement, Migration, and Settlement Among Afghans in Ottawa – Supervisor: B. Given and J. Keil


Baxter, Stephen, An Anthropological Examination of the Reformation:  Egalitarianism Versus Hierarchy – Supervisor: J. Keil

Elgersma, Dawn,The Ritual Efficacy of Modern Dancesport – Supervisor: I. Prattis

Friesen, Kathryn, Constructing Refugees:  A Case Study of the ‘Safe Third Country’ Agreement – Supervisor: B. Given

Ghosh, Hasu, Antecedents and Social Consequences of Type 2 Diabetes Among Urban First Nations People Especially Women, of Eastern Ontario:  Western Science and Indigenous Perceptions – Supervisor: D. Smith and J. Keil

Gough, Meagan, Repatriation as a Reflection of Sto:Lo  Cultural Values:  Tset Thayeltswem Te Lalem S’olh Etawtxw (We are building a House of Respect – Supervisor: V. Blundell

Jendzjowsky, Lidia, Memorializing Historical Imprints: Analysis of Historical Texts and Photographs at Kitselas, 1850-1930 – Supervisor: D. Smith and A. Laforet

Kingfisher, William, Constructing Locality in Contemporary   Canadian – Supervisor: V. Blundell

McKay, Colleen, Beyond the Rhetoric:  Exploring the Reality   of North – South Ngo Partnerships – Supervisor: L. de la Gorgendière and B. Rutherford

Roby, Nadja, From Amateur to Professional; Placing Harlan I. Smith in the History of North American Anthropology – Supervisor: D. Smith

Stinson, James, Exploring a Middle Ground for Ecotourism Research:  A Stakeholder Analysis of the    Indian Creek Trail Project in Belize – Supervisor: J. Chevalier and B. Rutherford

Turcotte, Manon, Examining Information on Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS: THE Influence of Organisational Concepts on Counsellor Training Documents in Areas of High HIV Prevalence – Supervisor: J. Chevalier and L. de la Gorgendière

Theses Completed 1992-2003

M.A. Research Essays


Kevin Koudys, Neoliberalism and School Security: The Utilisation of Zero-Tolerance Policies and Black Student Exclusion in New York City and Toronto – Supervisor: J. Monaghan

Zackary Partington, Community Policing and Minority Youth Relations: Exploring Ottawa Community Policing Officers’ Experiences of a Reactive Policing Shift and its Impact on Public Relationships – Supervisor: M. Mopas


Vu, Lan, Mothering in Transnational Context: Mediating through Dichotomies – Supervisor: B. Given


Addelman, Carolyn, Post-Hybrid Moments: An Anthropological approach to contemporary indigenous art – Supervisor: D. Rosenblatt

Harron, Jennifer, Sex Work in Canada: Practice, limitations, and ongoing debates – Supervisor: B. Given

Pellerin, Julie, Voices in Motion: Teaching through stories at Elsipogtog School – Supervisor: D. DiNovelli-Lang


Lord, Courtney, The Way Back: Psychiatry and the Treatment of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury from an Anthropological Perspective – Supervisor: B. Leistle


Kirby, Christine, Title not available – Supervisor: B. Given

M.A. Coursework


Cook, Stacey


Zafrin, Liza


van den Kerkhof, Brenda


Roddick, David


Woodward, Jennifer


Chen, Chih

Hussain, Batoul

Rutkowski, Sarah

Sewell, Trevor


Kemp, Amanda