Meysoon Amin

Ph.D. Anthropology Student

Areas of Interest: Meysoon is a recent graduate of the MSc program in Capacity Development and Extension at the University of Guelph. Following the completion of her master’s thesis on upland rice cultivation and gender empowerment, she has had the opportunity to work with several NGOs in her native Sudan, as well as many local organizations focused on agribusiness development. As a Ph.D student she hopes to conduct research on the geopolitical, economic and social aspects associated with gender-sensitive rice learning and technology adoption within rural communities. Geographic areas of interest include: Sub-Saharan Africa and Sudan.

David Ashelman

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Economic Sociology, Socioeconomics, Sociology of Work/Labour, Power/Class/Inequality, Social movements, Social control, Public Policy.


Emma Bider

M.A Anthropology Student

Areas of Interest: Post-conflict, Politics of Identity, Post-colonialism, Performativity, Migration, Diaspora, Autochthony, Nationalism, Music, Politics of Memory, Marginalization, Reconciliation, Peacebuilding.

Vivianna Boiles-Leonard

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Heritage, South Africa, Commodification, Identity politics, Memory Studies, Tourism, Nationalism, Public History and Affect.

Greg Brown

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Contemporary Policing, Police Use of Force, Differences in Views/Perceptions Among the Police and the Citizenry, Citizen Journalism and Web 2.0 New Media, the Regulation of Drugs in Society, and Public Criminology.

Michael Bueckert

Ph.D. Sociology student, with a specialization in Political Economy

Areas of interest: My primary areas of research include social movements and activism, and international development. My ongoing thesis research looks at the opposition to international solidarity campaigns in Canada, including boycott campaigns that target South Africa and Israel. I’ve published on topics including Canadian development aid policy and Occupy Wall Street, and my Masters’ research was a political economy critique of post-development theory.

Website: http://michaelbueckert.weebly.com/


Courtney Cameron

M.A. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Biological, Environmental and Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health; Nutrition and Well-Being; Children’s Health and Development; Ethnomedicine Cross-Culturally; Shamanism and Healing. Canadian Aboriginal Populations and Central American Populations are of Particular Interest.

Selena Choi

M.A. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Socio-legal studies, Indigenous women’s studies, Aboriginal social movement, Post-colonialism, Citizenship and social status, Race and racism, Culture and gender, Social stratification, Urban sociology.


Adam Christianson

M.A. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Sociology of the body and Embodiment, Identity and social movements, Classical and contemporary theory, LGBT studies.

Warren Clarke

Ph.D. Sociology

Areas of Interest: Warren Clarke is an anthropologist who graduated from the University of Guelph.  Warren’s master’s thesis research, titled “Youth Outreach Work: Using Solidarity to Empower Marginalized Youth”, explored the practices that Toronto Youth Outreach Workers (YOWs) use to build reciprocal relationships with marginalized youth.  A key finding that emerge from his research was that YOWs intentionally reveal their own vulnerability as a practice to support marginalized youth, it can build a relationship of solidarity between marginalized youth and YOWs, which in turn has positive implications for program successes.The data and insights provided in his research report will be useful to know how to work in relation with marginalized youth, and to advocate for the well-being of young people, Anthropologists or not.As a Ph.D Sociology student Warren continues his research in the area of Solidarity; Marginalized Youth; Outreach Work; Social Determinants of Health among Black in Ontario and Quebec.

Kyle Coady

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Criminal justice, the youth legal system, discretion among legal system players, in camera legal processes, criminology, socio-legal studies and systems theory.

Ryan Coulling

Ph.D. Sociology

Areas of Interest: Affect, digital sociology, online ethnography, social justice. Ryan is interested in aspects of social justice that impact people in their everyday lives and practices. With a focus on digital and social media, his research looks at what happens when individual or collective bodies come into contact online, and how this contact creates the very surface of bodies through emotions. He is especially interested in the responses by people of privilege to the (online) voices of marginalized people.

Rachel Crawford

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Indigenous practices of motherhood; theories of empowered motherhood; Indigenous feminism; Indigenous research paradigms; urbanization; decolonization; subjectivity; space and positionality.


Palak Dhiman

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Arranged marriage, marriage migration, Indian classical dance, South Asian diaspora, identity formation, postcolonial feminism, multiculturalism, citizenship, nationalism, and racism.

Zuber Dinani

M.A. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Study of Crime; Crime prevention approach to sociological issues; Study of prisons as social institutions; Correctional officers’ attitudes toward minority inmates; Restorative versus punitive approach in addressing crimogenic needs; Understanding social relationship between guards and inmates; and Community & Justice Services.


Kristen Francescone

Ph.D. Anthropology and Political Economy student

Areas of Interest: Anthropology of mining; value; political economy of minerals; urban-rural relations; politics of mineral economies. Geographical areas of interest: Bolivia; Latin America; Canada-US.


Megan Graham

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Medical anthropology; performativity and phenomenological analysis; creative arts therapy; education; music; theories of space and place; experimental ethnography.

Lyndsay Gray

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Medical sociology, governmentality, cancer health movements, “biological”/”genetic” citizenship, practices of the self.


Laleh Hadisi

M.A. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Class/inequality, sociology of consumption, political sociology, citizenship and immigration, identity formation and the integration process of newcomers in Canada.

Alejandro Hernández

Ph.D. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Alejandro is a PhD candidate in Sociology with specialization in Political Economy and a Vanier Scholar, the Government of Canada’s most prestigious international award for doctoral students. His areas of interest include migration/diasporas, youth, identities, Canada-Latin America among others. Alejandro has ample experience in migration and youth research, policy evaluation, teaching, and education management in Canada and Mexico. His current research focuses on the experiences of integration and development of transnational ties of Mexican youth in Canada.

Alejandro was also recently the co-chair of the Committee for Refugee Issues and also a member of the Advisory Search Committee for Vice-President (Research and International) at Carleton University. In his spare time, Alejandro volunteers as producer and host of the weekly bilingual radio show Soy Latinoamérica at CKCU (93.1 FM).

Academia: https://carleton-ca.academia.edu/AlejandroHernandez

Dan Houser

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Canadian energy exploration; industrial work and masculinities; gender inequalities in the workplace; homosocial work tropes; folk economics


Genevieve Johnston

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Homelessness; youth resistance and agency; radical social movements; anticapitalism; anarchism; ecofeminism; animal liberation; total liberation; critical criminology; qualitative inquiry; labour power.


Matthew S. Johnston

Ph.D Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Critical Psychiatry; Critical Criminology; Sociology of Mental Health; Gender and Violence; Men and Masculinities; Transgender Studies; Private Security; Sociology of Punishment; Prison Industrial Complex, Narrative Inquiry; Autoethnography; Institutional Ethnography; Qualitative Methods; Feminist Criminology; Symbolic Interactionism; Foucault; Szasz, Deleuze and Guattari, Post-Anarchism, Labour and Resistance, Social Movements.



You Gotta Kick Ass a Little Harder Than That: The Subordination of Feminine, Masculine, and Queer Identities by Private Security in a Hospital Setting

Men Can Change: Transformation, Agency, Ethics and Closure during Critical Dialogue in Interviews

‘Dirt, Death and Danger? I don’t Recall Any Adverse Reaction…’: Masculinity and the Taint Management of Hospital Private Security Work

“Telling Masculine Tales”: Tracing My Embodied Experience as a Psychiatric Ward Security Guard through Ethnographic Narrative Writing

Power, Control and Coercion: Exploring Hyper-Masculine Perfomativity by Private Guards in a Psychiatric Ward Setting

“It’s for their own good”: Techniques of neutralization and security guard violence against psychiatric patients

‘Until that magical day…no campus is safe’: reflections on how transgender students experience gender and stigma on campus

Zoey Jones

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Critical criminology, penology, the sociology of deviance, sex work, gender and sexuality, qualitative research methods, ethnography, cultural criminology, media studies, First Nations peoples and the criminal justice system.

Amanda Joy

Ph.D. Anthroplogy student

Areas of Interest: social movements, participatory democracy, activist ethnography, anarchism, Canada, cultural politics of HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS activism, Southeast Asia.


Aaron Klassen

PhD. Sociology student

Areas of interest: Sociology of sound and music; taste formation; cultural theory; phenomenology; practice theory; emotions; scenes; social movements Most of my work begins with music, but not in the same way as an essentialist might begin; rather, music is essential to culture in much the same way as is language, both being derived from the same sound universe, but one which is practiced. Arguably, there are structural implications to sound’s constitution in the external world as there are in the internal world of the individual, inextricable from the subject’s unfolding state of existence. I just look for the moments at which these states are mediated, and thus negotiated with the subject’s history – as a technology of articulation. Recent RA work includes a project on sound in the courtroom, and interviews of participants in the ‘maple spring’ manifs casseroles – the Quebec student protests in 2012.

Janna Klostermann (janna.klostermann.ca)

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: feminist ethics of care; critical moral ethnography; race, class and gender in care; ethical subject formation in care; writing studies; critical literacy studies; contemporary art practices; experimental ethnographies (e.g., memoir, poetry, performance)

Janna Klostermann’s Website

Janna Klostermann’s Academia Site


Justin Langille

M.A Anthropology student

Areas of interest: Water stewardship and conservation culture, food precarity, environmental anthropology, documentary photography, visual methods, knowledge dissemination and public engagement in anthropology

Ying-Ying Tiffany Liu

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Anthropology of food and identity; Migrant entrepreneurship; Cultural production and performativity of race/ethnicity; Diaspora studies; Chinese in Canada; Chinese in South Africa.


Gazel Manuel

M.A. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Race and ethnic relations, intersectional feminism, consumerism, multiculturalism in Canada, neoliberalism, sociology of culture, sociology of food and cuisine.

Cheryl Matthew

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of interest: Indigenous people, epistemologies, and research methods; Aboriginal people and urbanization; culture and identity; applied anthropology; Aboriginal youth; symbolic and cultural capital, and networks of relations.

Samantha McAleese

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Critical criminology; criminal justice / penal policy reform; prisoner re-entry and reintegration; criminal records management and expungement processes; public sociology / criminology qualitative research methods; emotion; stigma and resistance to (structural) stigma; social control; social capital; non-profit organizations; activism and advocacy.

Deirdre McDonald

Ph.D Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Standards, categories and projects of legibility by government institutions and their consequences; the construction of the notion of the high risk offender; offender management; sociology of space; spatial analysis and GIS; crime events; policing; criminal justice system; surveillance (human and technology based) with an emphasis on electronic monitoring.

Megan Muller

Ph.D Anthropology Student

Areas of Interest: Food and food practices, healing, indigenous political discourses in Canada, traditional knowledge, agency and social change.


Andrea Noreiga

Ph.D Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Medical anthropology, food and nutrition, health identities, youth in Canada, consumer culture.

Danielle Normandeau

M.A. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Affect Theory; Trauma and Memory Studies; Critical Disability Studies; Necropolitics; Critical Race Theory; Feminist and Queer Theory; Mad Studies; Dogs.


Kevin Patridge (kevinpartridge.ca)

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: My current research is focused on private security work in the Ottawa area. I am looking at the everyday practices of security workers through interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. My particular interest is the way in which the work reflects globalized concerns about risk and security as well as the ways in which these ideas interact with embodied gender practices at the individual level. I have done previous research work on the police, the military, a car club, and the punk rock scene in Vancouver, BC.

Konstantin Petoukhov

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Transitional justice, reparations for settler colonial violence, social constructivism, truth commissions, human rights, genocide, political sociology, and public sociology.

Christine Pich

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Sociology of work and labour; occupational health; expert knowledge; social studies of science and medicine.

Jessica Anne Pinto

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Dowry system in India, Orientalism and portrayal of gendered violence by Western media, Victimology, femicide, Sanskritization and the caste system.

Phillip Primeau

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of interest: Governmentality studies, historical sociology, moral regulation, state formation, municipal governance, community capacity building and resilience training.


Sheila Rao

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of interest: Feminist political ecology of nutrition and agriculture; East Africa; knowledge translation; ethnography of material and discursive networks.

Ali Ramezani

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of interest: Sociology and political economy of work. Alienated labour. Work as potentially and personally meaningful (axiological) activity. Inequality. The ‘middle class’ in contemporary society. Canada’s immigration policy: temporary and permanent foreign worker program.

Marion Robinson

Ph.D. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Mental health, healing encounters with animals in non therapeutic spaces, empathy, medical anthropology, human/animal studies, personhood, intersubjectivity, affect-theory, Martial arts and self defense, anthropology of gender and the body, East Asian religions and diasporas.

Sarah Rodimon

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: intersectional feminism; reproductive justice; activism & social movements; oppression & resistance; social organization; qualitative research methods; political activist ethnography


Matthew Sanscartier

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: How populism and neoliberalism manifest in citizenship and citizen-identities; welfare state retrenchment and globalization; citizen-identities; quantitative methodology; ‘the paradigm wars’ and mixed methods.

Melissa Savastano

M.A. Anthropology student

Areas of Interest: Memory studies and historical memory, multiculturalism, dual citizenship, identity, and the Italian immigrant community in Montreal.

David Seguin

M.A. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Governmentality, power dynamics among political, social and economic institutions, social and economic regulation, political economy, alternatives to the criminal justice system

Victoria Simmons

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Migration studies; political sociology; illicit practices and state-making; mobilities and critical infrastructure studies; violence and security; political economy;  gender; development; ethnography; historical sociology, and; Latin America and the Caribbean. You can learn more about Victoria’s current research and publications by clicking here.

Valerie Stam

Ph.D. Sociology student

Areas of Interest: Citizenship; (im)migration; urbanization; Somalis in Canada; Somalis in the Netherlands; social movements; civic engagement; municipal politics; Islamophobia; race; gender and feminist studies; homelessness and housing; food security; youth; gender-based violence/VAW; women and politics; agency; India/Africa; qualitative research methods; participatory action research; visual/art-based methods; knowledge translation.


Sherry Thorpe

M.A. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Immigrant and refugee activism, Sanctuary Cities, national and transnational identities, migration and public, citizenship theories, international political sociology, public education, and art-based qualitative research methods.


Adam Wildgen

M.A. Sociology Student

Areas of Interest: Social Determinants of Health; Political Economy of Health Inequalities; Individualization of Risk/Responsibility; Welfare States; Epistemology, Knowledge Production and Use; Agency and Structure; Sociology of Work and Organizations; Contemporary Social Theory.

Amy Wilson

Ph.D. Anthropology Student

Areas of Interest: Medical Anthropology; chronic pain conditions; Canadian healthcare; complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); healthcare inequalities; phenomenology; disability studies; illness narratives.