There are plenty of resources available on campus. From registration to graduation, there are a variety of tools in place at Carleton to help you succeed.

Learning Support

The Centre for Student Academic Support offers Writing Services, one-on-one Learning Support Sessions, Learning Support Workshops, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), and English Conversation Sessions.

The Academic Advising Centre offers Drop-In Academic Advising, where you can discuss your path to academic success. With an Advisor, you can discuss choosing or changing your degree elements, learning to read and understand your academic audit, developing a plan to get you on track with your CGPA, and understanding the academic rules and regulations such as the Academic Performance Evaluation.

In addition, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology has an Undergraduate Administrator, and Undergraduate Program Coordinators. Their contact information can be found here.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Academic accommodation for students with disabilities in available through the Paul Menton Centre (PMC). Click here to learn more about registering with the PMC.


In terms of finances, there are plenty of resources available on campus.

Discover ways to help fund your experience through the budget calculator and the tuition fee estimator. In addition, Financial Literacy Workshops are offered through the Centre for Academic Support, and are intended to help students learn why budgeting is important, how to budget, and to share money saving ideas.


When it comes to employability, there are many resources available on campus.

Career Services

Information and resources regarding careers are available on Carleton’s Career Services page. Career Services is Carleton University’s centralized office supporting all students and alumni across the different disciplines and levels of study on their career paths.

Careers in Anthropology

Please click here for more information about common areas of employment for Anthropology graduates. If you are considering graduate studies after completing your undergraduate degree, then click here to check out what some of our very own M.A. and Ph.D. graduates in Anthropology are currently up to.

Careers in Sociology

Please click here for more information about common areas of employment for Sociology graduates. If you are considering graduate studies after completing your undergraduate degree, then click here to see what some of our own M.A. and Ph.D. graduates in Sociology are currently up to.

Carleton Alumni Mentors Program

Carleton Alumni offers the Alumni Mentors Program, which pairs motivated upper-year students and recent graduates with an alumni mentor.

Co-Curricular Record

Something to keep in mind while pursuing your degree is your Co-Curricular Record (CCR), which recognizes your student involvement “outside the classroom” while providing meaningful experiences. This is a resource offered as a way to record and encourage involvement in student leadership development, extracurricular activities, and community service opportunities. With a CCR students will be able to present an official documentation to prospective employers and graduate schools to both complement their academic transcript and demonstrate the holistic learning they engaged in during their academic career.

Mental Health and Wellness

There are many resources available both on- and off-campus.

Mental Health, Well-Being, and Counselling

Support and resources are available on Carleton’s Mental Health and Well-Being page. Additionally, Carleton’s Health and Counselling Services page offers information about medical and counselling services, and information about emergencies and crisis (e.g., urgent mental health problems, sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.). Please click here for more information about crisis support, and here for a list of on- and off-campus emergency numbers, mental health crisis hotlines, suicide prevention hotlines, sexual assault hotlines, violence and domestic violence hotlines, addiction and substance abuse hotlines, AIDS/HIV hotlines, and gender and culture specific hotlines.

International SOS

Carleton has partnered with International SOS to offer students medical, safety, and security advice, as well as referrals and emotional support when travelling or living abroad.

Therapy Dogs

Meet the Therapy Dog team members here.