The Mentor program is designed to provide you with the support and skills you need to succeed as a teaching assistant at Carleton. The TA mentor is a general resource for TAing at Carleton and we would like to encourage everyone, especially first-time TAs, to talk with the TA mentor one-on-one for any questions, advice, or concerns you may have. Throughout the year, the TA mentor will also be working to connect new and experienced TAs, facilitate peer observations, and provide workshops.

Workshops will be offered on topics such as:

  • marking assignments and exams
  • facilitating discussion groups
  • academic and career development

The Mentor program also brings teaching assistants together through socials and other events. Please get in touch with the TA mentor, Amanda Van Beinum, to learn more about the Mentor program and to request access to the TA mentor cuLearn page.

Additional information and resources are also available on the TA Support Page.

TA Excellence Award

TA Awards recognize TAs that show excellence in supporting undergraduate students in their learning experience at Carleton. TAs may be nominated by faculty, instructors, and/or undergraduate students.