We are fortunate to have an excellent team of Contract Instructors, and appreciate their dedicated service to the department. New and returning CIs, please see the Information for Contract Instructors page and visit the Teaching Opportunities page for more information about CI positions in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Fall 2019

Name Course Email Office
Jiyoung An SOCI 3019A jiyoung.an@carleton.ca 1404 Dunton
Greg Brown SOCI 4410A gregoryr.brown@carleton.ca A736 Loeb
Jamie Brownlee SOCI 2810A jamie.brownlee@carleton.ca A736 Loeb
Warren Clarke SOCI 3210B warren.clarke@carleton.ca D785 Loeb
Alyshea Cummins ANTH 2550A/
RELI 2736A
alyshea.cummins@carleton.ca 310A Paterson
Hassan Diab SOCI 2702A hassan.diab@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
Ariel Fuenzalida SOCI 3035A/
ANTH 3035A &
SOCI 2005B
ariel.fuenzalida@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
J.Z. Garrod SOCI 2000A joel.garrod@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
Karine Geoffrion ANTH 4215B karine.geoffrion@carleton.ca D795 Loeb
Megan Graham ANTH 4007A megan.graham@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Matthew Johnston SOCI 2445A matthew.johnston3@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
LA Keown SOCI 2450A leslieanne.keown@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Liam Kilmurray ANTH 1001B &
ANTH 1002A
liam.kilmurray@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Ishara Mahat ANTH 2850A ishara.mahat@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
Christian Pasiak SOCI 1002A &
SOCI 1005A
christian.pasiak@carleton.ca A736 Loeb
Eloy Rivas-Sanchez SOCI 5404F eloy.rivassanchez@carleton.ca A713 Loeb

Winter 2020

Name Course Email Office
Jiyoung An SOCI 4730B/
ANTH 4730B &
SOCI 2043B
jiyoung.an@carleton.ca TBA
Simon Brascoupe SOCI 2820B simon.brascoupe@carleton.ca TBA
Greg Brown SOCI 2450B gregoryr.brown@carleton.ca TBA
Mathieu Charbonneau SOCI 3006B mathieu.charbonneau@carleton.ca TBA
Warren Clarke SOCI 3220F warren.clarke@carleton.ca TBA
Hassan Diab SOCI 3220D hassan.diab@carleton.ca TBA
Chris Dixon ANTH 5708W/
SOCI 5806W
chris.dixon@carleton.ca TBA
Ariel Fuenzalida SOCI 2005B &
SOCI 3055B
ariel.fuenzalida@carleton.ca TBA
J.Z. Garrod SOCI 1002D joel.garrod@carleton.ca TBA
Mehrnaz Golestaneh SOCI 2045B mehrnaz.golestaneh@carleton.ca TBA
Martin Cyr Hicks ANTH 3010B cyr.hicks@carleton.ca TBA
Nick Hrynyk SOCI 3044B nicholas.hrynyk@carleton.ca TBA
Adina Ilea SOCI 2445B adina.ilea@carleton.ca TBA
Matthew Johnston SOCI 2001B matthew.johnston3@carleton.ca TBA
LA Keown SOCI 3410B leslieanne.keown@carleton.ca TBA
Liam Kilmurray ANTH 1001C liam.kilmurray@carleton.ca TBA
Davorka Ljubisic SOCI 2020B/
ANTH 2020B
davorka.ljubisic@carleton.ca TBA
Ishara Mahat ANTH 2850B ishara.mahat@carleton.ca TBA
Caitlin McMullin SOCI 5805Y caitlin.mcmullin@carleton.ca TBA
Kathleen Moss SOCI 3300B kathleen.moss@carleton.ca TBA
Megan Muller ANTH 2610B megan.muller@carleton.ca TBA
Christian Pasiak SOCI 1002C &
SOCI 1005B
christian.pasiak@carleton.ca TBA
Sheila Rao ANTH 2620A &
ANTH 4109B/
ANTH 5109B
sheila.rao@carleton.ca TBA
Eloy Rivas-Sanchez SOCI 3030A eloy.rivassanchez@carleton.ca TBA
Paul Thibaudeau ANTH 1002A paul.thibaudeau@carleton.ca TBA