We are fortunate to have an excellent team of Contract Instructors, and appreciate their dedicated service to the department. New and returning CIs, please see the Information for Contract Instructors page and visit the Teaching Opportunities page for more information about CI positions in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Spring/Summer 2019

Name Course Email Office
Alyshea Cummins ANTH 2550B/
RELI 2736A
alyshea.cummins@carleton.ca 310A Paterson
Hassan Diab SOCI 4850A hassan.diab@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
Ariel Fuenzalida SOCI 3055A ariel.fuenzalida@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
J.Z. Garrod SOCI 2705A/
DIGH 2705A
joel.garrod@carleton.ca A701 Loeb
Adina Ilea SOCI 2445A adina.ilea@carleton.ca A736 Loeb
Amanda Joy ANTH 2500A amanda.joy@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
LA Keown SOCI 2450A
SOCI 3410A
leslieanne.keown@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Liam Kilmurray ANTH 1001A liam.kilmurray@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Fatemeh Mohammadi ANTH 1002A fatemeh.mohammadi@carleton.ca A713 Loeb
Christian Pasiak SOCI 1002A christian.pasiak@carleton.ca A736 Loeb
Chitra Sekhar ANTH 3045A/
SOCI 3045A
chitra.sekhar@carleton.ca A713 Loeb