Welcome, Prospective Undergraduate Students!

On this page you will find a collection of short videos and audio programs featuring faculty, students, and many others in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University. These videos and audio programs will help you learn more about our Department and the undergraduate programs we offer.

Watch the video below for an audio-visual tour of our undergraduate programs and Department by Dr. William Flynn:

Visit our Teaching Hub to explore the many innovative and engaging undergraduate courses we have developed for students. Here, you can learn about our exciting First-Year Seminars (FYSMs), the research training available in Sociology and Anthropology, and practicum/placements, among the many other exciting initiatives and courses we offer.

Why Pursue a B.A. in Sociology or Anthropology?

The videos below will give you a good idea of why students choose to learn about Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.

We are also excited to offer a new Minor in Community Engagement in 2021-22, which offers students a course of study that includes the theoretical tools and practical skills to recognize, respectfully engage, and build community, while working for change and respecting differences both on- and off-campus. The minor consists of two core courses (including a 2000-level core course, Foundations in Community Engagement, and a 4000-level capstone) plus 1.0 credits of experiential learning courses and 2.0 credits of other interdisciplinary academic coursework. These courses work together to provide students with solid methodological, theoretical, and experiential training in community engagement. Please click here for more details on the requirements for the minor and contact the instructor, Dr. Deborah Conners, for more information.

Undergraduate Student Experiences in our Department

If you really want to know what it is like as a student, then check out the Spotlight videos below, where Dr. William Flynn chats with Emma and Jayani, two of our senior undergraduate students, about their time here in our Department.

We have a very active undergraduate association, the Sociology and Anthropology Student Association (SASA), where new students can take part in the life of the department. The members of SASA organize peer study and networking sessions, are involved in various community projects, and are an integral part of the undergraduate experience.

Our capacity to engage with the broader community is well served by our very own departmental podcast ‘The Department’ which is a teaching and learning podcast that deals with all aspects of student life and much more. It is co-hosted by Dr. William Flynn and Phillip Primeau. In this particular episode the co-hosts chat with Jayani and Felicity (the current Co-Presidents of SASA) about their own undergraduate experiences at Carleton.

Social Justice and Community Engagement

Our Department has a long history and great reputation for dealing with issues of social inequality and now more than ever students want their education to be more than just book learning – they want to help make a difference in the world.

Check out the video below with Dr. Alexis Shotwell, who shares more information about the Social Justice Stream in Sociology and the opportunities for students to learn how to work with community groups on social justice issues.

Our new Minor in Community Engagement provides students with solid methodological, theoretical, and experiential training in community engagement. Please click here for more details on the requirements for the minor and contact the instructor, Dr. Deborah Conners, for more information.

Thinking Ahead: Capstone and Honours Thesis Courses

Perhaps you are thinking ahead and are wondering what you can do with your degree once your graduate. At the end of an Honours degree, you will have the choice of doing either an Honours Thesis/Research Paper or a Capstone Course. These courses, in coordination with Career Services, will prepare you for your future – whether that involves applying to graduate school or doing a job shadow assignment as part of your skills portfolio. Visit our undergraduate program pages for more information about your options in Sociology and/or Anthropology.

Differences Between Sociology, Anthropology, and Other Courses in the Arts and Social Sciences

Students often wonder about some of the differences between Sociology, Anthropology, and other courses in the arts and social sciences. In a recent FASS recruitment interview, Professor Danielle DiNovelli-Lang and William Flynn explain what some of the differences and similarities are in sociology and anthropology, and how they differ from psychology in important respects. Watch the video below to learn more:


If you have any questions, please get in touch with the undergraduate coordinators or the undergraduate administrator for more information.

Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Amina Mire
Anthropology Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Matthew Hawkins
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Kim Mitchell

Click here to listen to one (or both!) of the open house audio programs created for the November 7, 2020 Open House featuring interviews and excerpts from faculty and students.