Sociology Graduate Alumni Testimonials

“I consider my time in the Ph.D. Sociology program at Carleton University to be one of the most valuable experiences of my academic career. I was pleased that the faculty and staff at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology were committed to their students’ success and enthusiastically dedicated their attention and energy to ensure the program’s continued excellence. As a student, I have always felt that the Department has actively promoted a culture of ongoing learning, curiosity, and collaboration, all of which have shaped my experience in the program. Over the years, I took part in many departmental learning events including conferences, workshops, and colloquia that prepared me for academic writing, presentations, publishing, and scholarship applications. Under the supervision of Dr. Augustine Park, I have learned how to be a more critical thinker, advanced my research skills, and received academic training that has greatly contributed to my professional development and achievements after completion of my doctoral degree.”

Konstantin Petoukhov (PhD Sociology, 2019)
Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

“The academic and intellectual life in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University is truly stimulating. Inside and outside the classroom (in the colloquia, in the workshops and even in the social gatherings and informal conversations), my professors and other faculty members stimulated my intellectual curiosity and introduced me to the classical and contemporary theoretical and methodological traditions in a form that was at the same time rigorous and joyful. They also taught me, through example, the values of collegiality, intellectual integrity, academic rigor, as well as a commitment to social justice. My experience conducting research and analysis towards my Ph.D. dissertation on a challenging and highly sensitive topic was life-changing and absolutely exceptional. I conducted my fieldwork, data analysis and the writing of my dissertation under the outstanding supervision of Professor Justin Paulson, and also with the generous help and intellectual advice of professors Hugh Armstrong, Wallace Clement, Alexis Shotwell, and Adjunct Research Professor Tanya Basok. The staff is friendly, supportive and efficient. Quite often they carried out labour that goes far and beyond mere administrative work when students face challenges and need help, all of which allows graduate students to complete their studies quickly and successfully. The Department also provides opportunities to get involved in research and teaching, offers good funding packages and offers help in the process of getting ready to enter the academic labour market, which allows students to access high quality and holistic educational experience. For all of this, my passage through the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University is an unforgettable life experience.”

Eloy Rivas Sanchez (PhD Sociology, 2019)

“The Department of Sociology and Anthropology is an outstanding community of scholars, activists and professionals who support one another. Through the PhD program in Sociology, I was able to join this network of leaders and access the training, opportunities and resources needed for my intellectual and professional development. I won awards, conducted international field research, and published my research thanks to the guidance and support of faculty, staff, and colleagues in this program.”

Victoria Simmons (PhD Sociology, 2019)
Instructor in the Department of General Education at Mount Royal University

“When I first started the MA program in sociology, I was quite nervous, especially since I was coming from a criminology background. However, as I got to know my professors, the department staff, and my peers, I realized that I had nothing to be nervous about. I quickly discovered that everyone in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology had my best interest at heart. During my time in the program, professors and staff often went above and beyond to ensure the students’ success. It was also an excellent learning environment where students worked together, instead of in competition with one another. While I learned about new theories and world events, I also learned how to be a more critical and analytical thinker, and I will carry these skills with me throughout my career. I am very grateful for my time spent at Carleton, and I would highly recommend the sociology MA program!”

Kaitlin MacKenzie (MA Sociology, 2017)
Outreach Officer at Elections Canada

“I consider the time I spent in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology to be absolutely formative in my intellectual and academic journey. Faculty, administrative staff, and other graduate students helped me cultivate and develop my own academic interests and research skills, while illustrating the importance of professional development and collegiality. I am grateful for working with a supervisor, Dr. Nicolas Carrier, who not only challenged me intellectually, but also worked one-on-one with me to develop plans for my own academic career (lessons that have proven extremely valuable). In short, the academic and intellectual life in the Department was vibrant and stimulating, and I still reflect fondly on that environment for shaping my curiosity in critical thought and research. I have also remained close friends (and even collaborators) with many in my cohort, which I believe is rooted in a culture of collegiality, collaboration, and mutual support fostered by administration and faculty in the Department. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible administrative staff in the Department – they care so much about students and I am still appreciative of that today.”

Derek Silva (MA Sociology, 2014)
Assistant Professor, King’s University College

“What I remember most from my time as a PhD student was the collegial environment in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University. Within and in between cohorts there was a culture of collaboration, support, and constructive exchanges in seminars or when sharing our work such as proposals, conference presentations and papers being prepared for publication. Many of the connections I made in the Department endure today in the form of friendships, as well as collaborative research and advocacy. The mentorship of people like my doctoral supervisor Dr. Aaron Doyle have greatly shaped the collaborative approach to scholarship I practice today that gives meaning to the work I’m involved in. Thanks to the staff and faculty for their efforts and support that greatly enrich the lives of students in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.”

Justin Piché (PhD Sociology, 2012)
Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology and
Director of the Carceral Studies Research Collective at the University of Ottawa

“Like many other new graduate students, I initially found the experience intimidating and overwhelming, but this ultimately made my successful completion of the program much more valuable and rewarding. Within the first several months, the support of the excellent faculty and of my peers in the program helped put me more at ease with the challenges and growth opportunities of getting a M.A. degree. The work experience I was able to gain through opportunities in the Concentration in Quantitative Methodology stream led to a series of positions through which I earned the expertise and experience to qualify me for my current position at the First Nations Information Governance Centre in Ottawa. I am now incredibly fortunate to have worked at this organization since 2014, in roles that align perfectly with my professional and personal goals.”

Alana Roscoe (MA Sociology, 2012)
Program Manager, Research and Development at First Nations Information Governance Centre