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Are you interested in social justice issues? Studying and advancing social justice are hallmarks of Sociology at Carleton.

Are you interested in making the world a better place? Here is a short video to introduce you to the social justice stream in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University. In the 4 courses in this stream you will gain understanding of how social injustices are perpetuated, what is being done about these injustices and how you can help.

The Stream in Social Justice is a degree option open to Sociology BA Honours and Combined Honours students. The Stream builds multi-faceted sociological knowledge of social injustice and social justice struggles, and combines academic and hands-on, experiential learning.

In the Stream, you will explore questions like: What are the forces that produce inequalities in our world today? How are the global, national and local connected? What do inequalities look like and how are they experienced? How are relations of marginalization and oppression perpetuated and sustained? How do we challenge power relations and create a more just society?

Areas of focus may include (among others): poverty, economic polarization and advancing alternative economic orders; racism and anti-racist struggles; colonialism and Indigenous movements; and, struggles around gender inequality, gender identity and sexuality. The Stream will look at transnational movements and solidarity, as well as local organizing. We will, moreover, bring together global issues with local issues, including what’s happening in Ottawa right now.

The Stream is composed of 4 courses. To receive credit for the Stream, you must take all four courses (although the courses are also open to students outside of the Stream). These four courses are included within your existing degree requirements, so the Stream does not require you to take additional credits.

  1. In Sociology 2170: Foundations in Social Justice, you will develop foundational knowledge of existing research and theories of social justice.
  2. In Sociology 3170: Social Justice in Action, we bring the community to the classroom. This course brings a series of speakers engaged in social justice work in Ottawa and beyond to talk about what they do and how.
  3. In Sociology 3430: Studies in Collective Action and Social Movements, you will examine social movements, including through theory, historical case studies, and current struggles.
  4. In Sociology 4170: Community-Engaged Sociology, you will work in teams to partner up with a community-based social justice organization in Ottawa to apply, hands-on, your sociological knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you in the Stream!

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