The 2nd International Conference on Social Identity and Health: Building Resilience by Mobilizing Connections brings together international experts from multiple disciplines and health professions to shed light on how social identities diminish, or sometimes exacerbate, risk of illness, and to identify strategies to mobilize social connections that build resilience in the face of life challenges. Through a series of presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities, the conference will address:

  1. social identity interventions that promote resilience and positive health outcomes among particular at-risk communities and populations;
  2. social, biological, and cultural factors that moderate the effectiveness of such interventions;
  3. potential limits of these strategies for  highly marginalized populations;
  4. strategies for overcoming barriers in the knowledge mobilization process.

We hope that through energized and insightful discussions existing collaborations will flourish, and new collaborations and opportunities for understanding social determinants of health and for mobilizing knowledge will be stimulated. To cover conference costs, a modest registration fee of $150 CDN/person ($100 for early bird registrants (by May 1)) and $50 for students will be charged.