An excerpt from a letter to BSW and MSW graduates from the Director of the School of Social Work:

Dear Social Work Graduate:

Tuesday June 12, 2017 was the Convocation ceremony and awarding of degrees.   I was both honoured and delighted to read the names of those of you who attended, and in some instances to meet your family members after the ceremony at the reception.  For those who were unable to make it to the ceremony trust that your achievements informed the spirit of celebration.  All of us in the School are honoured that you chose to complete a program of structural social work education.   This choice speaks to your personal  commitment to work for social change and social justice.  It is heartening to recognize that a new generation of social workers will continue to work with commitment to improve the lives of all people, and especially those who suffer and are in need.

My colleagues and I extend our most heart felt congratulations to you, and to your family, loved one’s, and friends who helped you on this journey in social work.  We appreciate the work and dedication that sucessful completion of the program demands, and the sacrifices made to ensure success.

Sincerely yours,

Gerald de Montigny
Director of the School of Social Work

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