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The Shirley Judge Bursary

Please note that the deadline for the Shirley Judge Bursary is October 31st. 

Awarded annually, (this year worth $1900.) on the recommendation of the Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work Practicum Coordinators, to an undergraduate or graduate student entering the practicum in the Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work at Carleton University.  Recipients will have demonstrated financial need, must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrants or protected persons), and must meet OSAP’s Ontario residency requirements.  Should the recipient be a graduate student, the bursary will be awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.  Endowed in 2007 by family and friends, in honour of Shirley Judge.

Students must complete the Carleton Bursary Application and submit a letter outlining the reasons for applying.  The award will be granted to the most outstanding student whose work or future work will contribute to Shirley’s legacy.  Shirley was committed to anti-discriminatory practice particularly to improving the lives of women.  

Letters should be handed in to Maggie Lodge in room 509 DT or electronically at maggie.lodge@carleton.ca.


Are you a Social Work Graduate Student Interested in applying for an Endowment Award?
Endowed Awards are university-wide competitions for funds.  The School of Social Work can only nominate one of our students for each award.  Nominated applications are put forth to the FGPA (Faculty of Graduate and Post-doctoral Affairs) to compete against other Departments’ nominations.

List of Endowed Awards for Social Work students and the criteria for each is in the Awards Database.
Please review database in case you qualify for any other type of award.
Students must be full-time unless otherwise noted in the award criteria.
All Endowed Award applications should include the following information: – One covering letter for each award submission.  Speak to how you feel you meet the criteria and merit the award.  Mention your plans for the remainder of your studies.  Most applicants will use almost the same covering letter for each award.
Awards based on Academic Merit should include photocopies of transcripts and letters of support.
Awards based on financial need should include a statement explaining the need.  Include a breakdown of your income vs. expenses.
If applicable: OTSS (Ontario Trust for Student Support) Graduate Bursary Application Form 2016-17. The award will list whether this is required.
If applicable: Letter or letters of reference from thesis supervisor, and/or current/past faculty instructor.

Please submit your application(s) in hard copy only – do not email.